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A diverse,  yet like-minded community, we are reinventing the concept and mindset surrounding work and workspaces from Bali and a dozen other places around the world.  

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Since 2011

Livit has been nurturing and accommodating project teams internally ‘incubated’ since Michael Bodekaer founded it, with the goal of building an inspiring community and a platform for entrepreneurial people.

In 2018, we expanded our facilities and offerings to include a start-of-the-art coworking space and event venue.

We build, we think and we play. We eat, collaborate and create together.

Michael’s passion for positive discipline inspired him to seek out like-minded people who shared his motivation and drive.  This led him to organize the first Bali-based Project Getaway in 2010, an event that has since enabled thousands of connections, adventures and new ventures to be founded all around the world.

Livit followed, with the goal of building an inspiring platform for entrepreneurial people. Initially consisting of just a small group of founders, housed in an apartment in Copenhagen and 2 villas in a remote village on the island of Bali, Indonesia, Livit quickly started producing successful projects and a need for larger teams!

Over the next 6 years, the community grew to over 120 people all around the world, many of whom would find themselves working temporarily or permanently from Bali.
This called for a home of our own, and we proceeded to build that in 2017. 

In May 2018, we’ve opened our new hub in Sanur to the Livit community. The following October, we opened to public and now accommodate more and more digital nomads, entrepreneurs and exciting events every day.


Today at Livit, we love hosting and nurturing disruptive, impactful businesses that, in a smaller or bigger way, change the world.

We love sharing the message that:

  • Work can be filled with passion, great teamwork and tons of fun
  • Great leadership is about empowering teams to achieve great ambitious visions – not “bossing” people around.
  •  That work and play can go hand in hand

When asked what we do, the simplest way to describe it is “reinventing work”.

The why, the how & the What


Enable startups & entrepreneurs to grow amazing businesses with global impact, and truly enjoy work & play in an inspiring location in paradise.


By reinventing work and the traditional constraints around it. By showing people that there is another way of doing business. Through nurturing and hosting disruptive, impactful businesses that can change the world.


We specialize in offering:

  • Inspiring work, innovation and event spaces at Livit Hub Bali.
  • Business support services in Indonesia and worldwide.
  • Consultancy with regard to nurturing and scaling high-performance, distributed global teams.

success stories we've enabled

  • Labster – revolutionizing education via virtual laboratories. This innovative company recently launched the world’s first online degree using Virtual Reality in collaboration with Google and Arizona State University (ASU).
  • Mailbird: multi award winning desktop email client for Windows. Combining email, calendar, app integrations and messaging all into one beautiful and intuitive productivity app.
  • Magloft: help companies transition from print to digital publications and enable independent publishers to get their own fully branded digital magazine apps in Apple and Google App Stores.


Continuous Learning


We see challenges as opportunities for growth. We do what we love and always look for ways to enhance our skills and share our passions. We constantly pursue growth and learning.

Suportive Community


We act with constant appreciation and acknowledgement of others. We focus on team efforts and build relationships based on trust and compassion. We are a positive team and have a family spirit.

Work and Play Synergy


We do what we love and we change the things we don't. We acknowledge differences and make room for the life each person wants. We are adventurous, creative and open minded.

Unique Opportunity


We create unique opportunities for our teams and work hard to identify opportunities both for our business as well as for our team members.

Informal Culture


We never take ourselves too seriously, and we love to joke around, have fun and simply be ourselves – both at home and at work.

Entrepreneurial Spirit


Entrepreneurial spirit is in our DNA, and we act, lead and create with this spirit in the forefront our of minds. We embrace and drive change and see it as a sign of opportunity and growth.

Our heart beats for diversity

We are a multi-national community with a global client base. We have different passports and work  in many time zones, some from the tropical island called Bali, others from Jakarta, Switzerland, Romania, Denmark or elsewhere.  

Yet we are all driven by the same spark that brought us together in the first place:  a new, better way of working and living.

OUR Kick-Ass Team

Michael Livit

Michael Bodekaer

Livit International

Lavinia Iosub Livit

Lavinia Iosub

Managing Partner
Livit International

Ni Luh Putu Yuniari Livit

Ni Luh Putu Yuniari

HR & Operations Manager
Livit Hub Bali

Alexandrina Danifeld Livit

Alexandrina Danifeld

Talent Marketing Lead
Livit International

Faradhia Sulistiyo

Talent Acquisition &
HR Coordinator
Livit International

Ni Luh Aryanthi

Business Support Lead
Livit Hub Bali

Gede Putrawan Livit

Gede Putrawan

Office Assistant
Livit Hub Bali

Suprayogi Anggoro

Livit Hub Bali

Ida Ayu Dewi Dhyana Sari

Senior Finance
Livit Hub Bali

Wayan Seventino Livit

Wayan Seventino

Livit Hub Bali Host

Chelsie Janny

Front Desk Champion
Livit Hub Bali

Putu Ayu Astrini

Livit Hub Bali Host

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Network of Entrepreneurs

Network of Entrepreneurs

Network of Entrepreneurs

Network of Entrepreneurs

Network of Entrepreneurs

Network of Entrepreneurs

Work in one of Bali’s most inspiring workspaces

Centrally located in the tranquil town of Sanur, and just a five min walk from the beach, Livit Hub is much more than a shared office—we offer a dynamic, innovative, inclusive community conducive to work & play balance.

We see a lack of expertise when it comes to the setup and implementation of remote teams.
With over 6 years experience consulting clients such as Labster (over 100 employees), Mailbird, and Magloft to name a few, we have amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience to help you go remote.


We’re happy to share the knowledge, feel free to send us your inquiry.