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In a Hybrid Workplace, Strengthening Company Culture Should be High on Priority for Leaders
If high-quality talent is the brilliant brains of your company, workplace culture is the heartbeat that keeps it alive and flourishing. With more and more ...
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Are You Ready to Build a Culture of Well-Being in the Workplace? These 5 Tips Can Absolutely Help You to Get Started
As a leader, one of the key factors contributing to your success is the culture you foster. It’s becoming more and more evident that well-being, ...
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5 Ways Artificial Intelligence (AI) Can Help to Launch Your Small Business Further
Artificial Intelligence (AI) seems to be a hot topic now around Livit’s community. Events where the speaker talks about AI? Waiting list signups and packed ...
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A Livit team member using Chat AI while working
How does Livit leverage AI?
Discover how Livit leverages AI tools like ChatGPT, Canva, and more to streamline operations, boost productivity, and foster team collaboration. Learn from our experience and ...
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Hand choosing happy smile face wooden block, good feedback rating and positive customer review, mental health assessment, child wellness,world mental health day, think positive, compliment day concept
When Employees Well-Being Becomes a Necessity, Well-Thought Out Constructive Strategies to Improve It is a Must
Have you ever encountered one of these situations –  That one exemplary employee that everyone looks up to and can rely on delivering quality work ...
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Livit’s Guide to Hackathons
What are hackathons? Discover their benefits for companies, sponsors, individuals, and more! Plus, learn how Livit can help you host a successful event.
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Here’s Why an Employer of Record is the Best Way to Find Top Global Talent and Stay Compliant
In our rapidly changing work landscape, where nimble remote-first start-ups are leaping across borders and older, larger companies are beginning to embrace remote work, the ...
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Bid Farewell to Onboarding Mayhem: A Quick Guide in Hiring Remote Teams
With remote work on the rise, completing a recruiting and onboarding process without seeing the candidates in person presents a challenge that can be tricky ...
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‘A life-changing miracle’: The impact of Remote Skills Academy in 2023
In 2023, Remote Skills Academy (RSA) significantly impacted digital skill democratization in Indonesia, serving over 8,000 students with programs in AI, digital marketing, and remote ...
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