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‘A life-changing miracle’: The impact of Remote Skills Academy in 2023
In 2023, Remote Skills Academy (RSA) significantly impacted digital skill democratization in Indonesia, serving over 8,000 students with programs in AI, digital marketing, and remote ...
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What a year that was! Livit’s 2023 highlights
Reflecting on a transformative 2023, Livit shares its success amidst a challenging tech landscape. Key achievements include partnerships with 47 global startups, welcoming 713 coworkers ...
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Out of the lecture hall and into the world: The benefits of immersive learning
Discover the impact of immersive learning beyond traditional classrooms, highlighting hands-on experiences like internships, study abroad programs, and virtual simulations. This piece explores how innovative ...
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Coworking in Sanur vs Canggu vs Ubud: Which location is best for you?
Explore the distinct coworking experiences of Ubud, Canggu, and Sanur in Bali. This guide compares the unique elements of each location, helping remote workers choose ...
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Team coworking in Bali: the 2024 version of the company offsite
As more and more companies shift to partially or fully remote, company offsites and workations to bring distributed team members together for collaboration and connection ...
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Accelerating toward an MVP in 7 weeks: Livit partners with and helps deliver the Disruptives Indonesia Incubator Program
Accelerating toward an MVP in 7 weeks: Livit partners with and helps deliver the Disruptives Indonesia Incubator Program
Discover how Livit and DISRUPTIVES Indonesia's Incubator Program accelerated 15 startups towards MVPs in 7 weeks, offering mentorship, hands-on learning, and innovative growth in diverse ...
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Have Coffee Therapy at This Charming Coffee Shop in Sanur with a Special Discount
Who can resist a special discount for good cup of coffee and a delicious brunch that ensures work productivity? A beach town on the southeast ...
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Hybrid vs. Remote: Which is the best fit for your workplace?
Hybrid vs. Remote: Which Is the Best Fit for Your Workplace?
Discover the best work model for your business with insights on Hybrid vs Remote Work Models. Uncover success stories, key strategies, and Livit's expert guidance ...
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Learn Indonesian Language with this Cinta Bahasa Discount for Livit Hub Members
The chance is, if you’re reading this post, you’re planning to be a part of the thriving scene of entrepreneurs, remote workers, expats, and the ...
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