You have arrived! This might be the beginning of an adventure; working your ideal job, living your dream life and becoming part of a community of explorers and visionaries who want to change the way they work and do business. We are constantly on the lookout for people who want to help us upgrade the rules of the game.

Pavel Cernohous, Lead Game Designer at Labster, Bali, Indonesia​
Pavel Cernohous
"Coming from Europe, I lived in Canada, Iceland, Australia, in my 20 years of career, Livit provides one of the best recruitment services and employee journeys that I have ever experienced. Support for the visa, relocation, and onboarding, Innovation Hub etc."​
Labster is an EdTech company, Bringing power of game design to education. Founded: 2011, Size: 50-200 employees. EdTech, Education Management, USA, EU, Asia. 2019 – $21 M in Series B, 2020 – $9 M in equity venture funding.​

Reinvent the Way You Live and Work

We are looking for passionate, highly-skilled individuals in marketing, IT, HR, design, sales and finance, who want to explore new ways of working and join an international community of like-minded teammates. 
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Livit coworking from the balcony


Bunty SomRoy, Marketing Strategist, Washington, USA
Bunty SomRoy
"I was stuck trying to figure out how to best organize my fast growing team and track their performance and reached out to Lavinia from Livit, after hearing her speak at a conference. I got more value than expected and it helped tremendously with the challenge in managing my team. Such expertise is quite rare on the market."
Bunty SomRoy Marketing is a boutique agency, which scales B2B SaaS companies with Facebook Ads. Founded: 2016, 2-10 employees. Marketing and Advertising, USA, Self-funded.

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Personal Growth

We think that big changes start from within; that’s why we are constantly investing in our team’s wellbeing.


Our company is a byproduct of change. We are continuously challenging the status quo by reinventing business practices and our own work culture.


Technology is in our DNA, and an essential part of our structure. Our business model was created to thrive on remote work practices and digital connectivity.

Meaningful Network

We are a highly-specialized multidisciplinary community of visionaries with shared ethics and a superb vision of what life & work should look like.

Great Perks

We want to make your life easier and your work more enjoyable. We offer benefits like flexibility, inspiring work spaces, meals & snacks (in Bali), and health coverage.

Cool Locations

Our headquarters is located in Bali, Indonesia; but we also have partner offices in Copenhagen, Denmark and Zurich, Switzerland.

Shreya Mahendru, Business/Management, Country Operations Lead - India (remotely)
Shreya Mahendru
"I had been working towards ways of entering the education space to put my tech knowledge, experience to use. I've always wanted to use tech for good; education being one of the primary ways. Livit helped me partner with Labster for launching their mobile product in India."

Labster is an EdTech company, Bringing power of game design to education. Founded: 2011, Size: 50-200 employees Education Management, USA, EU, Asia, 2019 – $21 M in Series B, 2020 – $9 M in equity venture funding.


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