Where are the best places to find a remote job?

Best Places to Find Remote Jobs

The flexibility of working from anywhere, better work-life balance, and increased job opportunities are just a few of the reasons why—if given the choice—99% of people would want to work remotely for the rest of their lives. But where are the best places to find a remote job? is something I’ve been asked dozens of times, so I’ve compiled a personal list (in no particular order) of 10 platforms out there: 

  1. Growmotely

Growmotely enables you to discover remote companies that are a “perfect match for who you really are.” It’s a culture-first company, meaning it prioritizes people and work culture and recognizes that team happiness is a key indicator of success (just like us here at Livit). On its Job Board you can easily view how much experience is required for each role and whether hours are fixed or flexible.
Best for: Jobs at culture-first companies 

  1. Remote OK

Listing over 45,000 roles and with dozens of search filters, Remote OK is one of the world’s biggest remote job platforms. Although you can always find roles for content writers, designers, and sales managers, it has a strong tech focus. If you’re a digital nomad, its layout will feel very family as its founder is also behind Nomad List.
Best for: Tech jobs, advanced search filters 

  1. We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely calls itself the largest remote work community in the world. As well as job listings, it has a podcast, Slack channel, and resources such as a list of the top 100 global companies that are most experienced in hiring remote workers. By creating a free account you can receive daily notifications of jobs curated for what you’re looking for.
Best for: Tech jobs, sales and marketing jobs, resources 

  1. Remote.io

Remote.io also has a strong tech focus among its listings, but you can still find plenty of roles in categories such as education and coaching, media and communications, and sales and partnerships. It also has a list of tools for remote workers and digital nomads covering aspects from career and design to finance and productivity. 
Best for: Tech jobs, easily viewing each listing’s location/timezone 

  1. Hubstaff Talent

Hubstaff Talent is a basic platform for finding remote work, with simpler search filters compared to the other sites. Over 50 full-time remote jobs and over 80 hourly-based or fixed-price freelance gigs are added weekly. You might find that these listings aren’t as well paid as those on other sites, but this platform is useful if you have limited experience and are just starting out. 
Best for: Freelance and fixed-price gigs, basic search filters

  1. Virtual Vocations

Virtual Vocations offers the largest range of job categories (40+) among the platforms listed here. Although the tech category has by far the most listings, other categories such as education, financial, healthcare, marketing, product management, and sales feature hundreds of roles. 
Best for: Diverse range of jobs

  1. Crossover

Crossover is a recruitment platform focusing only on full-time technical roles in software engineering, finance, and marketing. Among all the sites listed here, it’s the only one that requires each listing to advertise the pay. However, to apply for a role, applicants need to go through a fairly rigorous screening process, including a cognitive aptitude and English language test.
Best for: Highly-paid full-time tech jobs, pay transparency 

  1. Remotive 

Remotive lists both full-time roles and freelance gigs largely in tech, which are fairly evenly split between jobs open to applicants based anywhere, or only to those in the US/Europe. It’s a great platform if you’re just starting out, with webinars on topics such as mistakes to avoid when searching for a remote job and a page of job search tips. It also has a paid Slack community. 
Best for: Full-time or freelance tech jobs, resources

  1. Remote.co

Remote.co has a wide range of mostly full-time job categories, from accounting and finance to healthcare and marketing. Although it lacks advanced search filters, it has clear tags for part-time, entry-level, and work-from-anywhere jobs. It also has a strong set of resources such as remote worker Q&As, career coaching, and online courses.
Best for: Diverse range of jobs, resources 

  1. Working Nomads

Working Nomads adds around 30 new jobs each week across 15 categories, from consulting and customer success to system administration and sales. Unfortunately, most positions don’t advertise pay, but a nice touch is you can choose to receive their free email job alerts either daily or weekly.
Best for: Jobs in software development, customer support, marketing 

Along with the sites above, I would highly recommend keeping an eye on the career pages of established ‘remote-first’ companies, as opposed to those who were ‘remote-forced’ due to the pandemic. Remote-forced companies have transitioned to this setup in a reactive way (aka emergency remote work), and often lack the structure, systems and intentionality needed to nurture an excellent remote work culture (I wrote more about it here, in case you’d like to dive deeper into this topic).

Companies such as Gitlab, Automattic, Buffer or Todoist have remote all over their DNAs since their inception, so they have in place all the must-have remote work practices, such as asynchronous communication and good documentation. 

Best of luck finding your next remote job!


Managing Partner at Livit, #futureofwork enthusiast
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