What a year that was! Livit’s 2023 highlights

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To say 2023 was an eventful year for the Livit teams would be an epic understatement. Across our wide array of activities, initiatives and services — from growing startups and end-to-end events production to democratizing digital skills for Indonesians — we reached many major milestones and kicked dozens of goals. 

We did this despite being in the midst of the tech winter, which saw a sharp decrease in investment in the global technology sector. It was an extremely challenging year for even the world’s biggest tech companies (mass layoffs at Google, Meta, Spotify, the list goes on and on), but we’re proud to say that we not only survived — we thrived. 

As we launched into 2024 brimming with enthusiasm and excitement for the year ahead, we looked back on the previous year’s achievements. We’re sharing below some of our favorite wins and highlights. 

We worked with 47 startups, scale-ups and SMEs across the globe

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Sharing our diverse experience and expertise through collaboration and partnership is at the heart of what we do. Last year we worked with a total of 47 B2B clients (both returning/continued, as well as new) on super exciting projects across a wide range of sectors, from medtech and edtech to Web3 and impact investment. 
Among our new clients are Neuron Labs, a cutting-edge edtech and IT services startup on a mission to revolutionize the tech industry through innovative solutions, and Think Pacific, a UK social enterprise with 15 years’ experience in supporting sustainable development through volunteering, internships and placements.

We welcomed 713 coworkers in Bali

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Over the course of last year we welcomed 713 coworkers to our coworking and innovation hub in Bali — a 2x increase from 2022 — with an average of 164 active users each month. We also hosted our biggest-ever workation; a team of 30 people spent two weeks in collaboration mode at the Hub, and when they weren’t there they were discovering Bali through the awesome schedule of activities we curated for them.

We trained 1,400 Remote Skills Academy students


An impact-focused education platform for Indonesians wanting to learn to work online, build successful remote careers, and live life on their own terms, our Remote Skills Academy offers programs and events on topics such as Virtual Assistance, Web3 Community Management, Project Management, Digital Marketing and more. While I’m proud of the impact created by all of Livit’s programs and services, over the last few years RSA has been an exceptionally consistent and renewable source of pride, as has the work this team has done to democratize digital skills and help upskill and reskill Indonesians. 

Last year the Academy welcomed 1,400 students, and since its inception in January 2020, there have been 6,500 alumni based in 25+ cities across Indonesia. Internationally, we’ve run several projects with partners in Hungary, the Philippines and Thailand. Student feedback has been overwhelmingly positive; our education programs have an average rating of ~9/10! For 2024, we are planning to expand further via partnerships in Turkey, Singapore and Western Europe.

We celebrated Livit Hub Bali turning 5


With its panoramic views of Sanur and blissful ocean breezes, the Hub’s beloved rooftop isn’t just the perfect spot to refresh and seek inspiration — it’s also the perfect place for a party. In April we celebrated Livit Hub Bali’s fifth birthday with our members, communities and supporters, and grooved to the island’s own rockabilly rascals, The Hydrant. 

We continued to reinvent our award-winning culture

Livit Finalists external Shift People Awards Social 1

In addition to being ranked as one of Asia’s Best Workplaces® and raking up a few other awards for our company culture over the last few years, in 2023 we were finalists for Escape the City and Shift’s Learning and Development Champions Award, and named among the Top 50 Global Future of Work Thought Leaders & Remote Innovators. Our Talent department also organized and hosted 24 Learning & Development events for our team throughout the year!

We partnered with Disruptives Indonesia to incubate 15 startups

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Always on a mission to grow game-changing startups, we helped shape and deliver the seven-week incubation program from Disruptives Indonesia, which gave 15 teams the support and mentorship needed to transform their ideas into a minimum viable product (MVP). Representing diverse industries, from fintech and fisheries traceability to e-commerce and event management, 12 of the teams completed the program — an impressive 80% graduation rate.

We partnered with A.G.A. for 2 AI hackathons


The A.G.A. (Artificial Guardian Angel) project aims to create an AI platform that can guide, protect, uplift, and promote altruism toward humanity, all living beings, and the planet. Drawing on our 11 years of experience in end-to-end events production — from sourcing talent, mentors and facilitators and managing logistics and promotion to providing venues and catering — we delivered two hackathons with A.G.A to develop AI for the greater good. 

We partnered with Founder Institute Bali for its acceleration program


The Founder Institute is the world’s most proven network to turn ideas into fundable startups and startups into global businesses, and Bali is their newest chapter. We partnered up to deliver their four-month acceleration program, which guided seven high-potential founders through challenging exercises toward the goal of a fully-formed tech company. Among the graduates was Edward Vernon, founder of one of our Growth Partners, Flexbike. We hosted the graduation event on the Livit Hub rooftop, and celebrated the cohort’s work alongside the program’s vibrant community of speakers, mentors, members and partners. 

We welcomed a new cohort of Princeton University students to our Immersive Entrepreneurship Academy


With a stimulating mix of ultra hands-on activities and sessions on startup creation, entrepreneurship, project management, marketing, and remote work concepts and tools, our Immersive Entrepreneurship Academy is designed to optimize participants’ ability to land their dream job. From June to July last year, three students from Princeton University supported the operations of Livit’s growth and marketing teams and collaborated on a comprehensive AI trends report. “I learned so much about growing businesses, how to optimize myself to clients and employers, and so much else,” said one of the students. “All will benefit me greatly in the future.”

We partnered with Boundless Life and welcomed 3 cohorts of families to Bali

Photos by @thefunemployedfamily and @nowhereonearth

Digital nomadism has become far more inclusive in the last few years, and Boundless Life is a perfect example. The company is building communities of adventurous remote working families by assisting them with accommodation, coworking spaces, and experiential education across the world. As their coworking partner, we welcomed three cohorts of families to Bali and our Hub.

We launched the Ultimate Onboarding Kit


To help companies make the future of work their reality through systems improvement, we launched our first “product”, the Ultimate Employee Onboarding Experience. An actionable toolkit that ensures every new member of a team feels at home from day one, it contains templates, swipe files and documents that are ready to use, saving founders and HR teams months of chaos.

Highlights from some of the companies we helped found, grow or invested in:

  • Labster, the world’s leading platform for immersive virtual labs and science simulations, surpassed a whopping 6 million users.

  • Indosole, which creates stylish, functional and durable footwear from used tires collected from landfills and streets in Indonesia, reached profitability.

  • Robries, which transforms plastic waste into seriously cool minimalist furniture and small furnishings, built their first full-fledged factory in Surabaya. 64 tonnes of plastic and 200 million bottle caps were recycled into 100% sustainable products, including for collaborations with brands such as Samsonite, Toyota and P&G.

  • Immortal Games, an ed-tech startup striving to change the way history is taught in schools through interactive, immersive games, launched their MVP, pitched to the queen of Ubud, and completed the Disruptives incubation program.

  • BukaPO, an online pre-order food marketplace enabling predominantly female home chefs to sell their products online, expanded to Surabaya, partnered with 3,700 micro and small businesses, and sold more than 4 million products.

  • Mailbird, a desktop email client for Windows that allows you to manage calendar events and has social media, task management, file sharing and video conferencing integrations, launched its 3.0 version and once again ranked in several “best app” lists in its category.

We also continued working with many other impactful and innovative companies, including  Forest Carbon, Kopernik, Koltiva, CGrow, Kennemer Eco Solutions, Magloft, Earth Company and more.

As I recently told our teams, if we can survive and thrive during a pandemic followed by the tech winter, along with everything else 2023 threw at us, we can do anything. I’m grateful to them, to our collaborators, and to our global community — whose members represented 54 countries last year alone! — for being such a deep well of resourcefulness, amazingness and renewed motivation to keep going despite constant challenges. You all make this journey truly worth it.


Managing Partner at Livit, #futureofwork enthusiast
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