Want to support a greener, more inclusive Bali? Here’s how.

Want to support a greener more inclusive Bali Heres how Livit 2 scaled

Members of the Livit Hub will be familiar with many of the efforts we make to contribute to a cleaner environment and smaller carbon footprint, such as the soft squares of batik cloth we use instead of disposable hand towels; comprehensive waste separation bins (including e-waste); and prioritizing natural light throughout our four-storey building. We also invest in an ever-growing collection of startups and services that work tirelessly to create lasting change. 

For those interested in supporting sustainability and social impact initiatives outside the Hub, we’ve put together an alphabetical list of our favorite organizations, programs, and brands that are striving to create a greener, more inclusive Bali—and a greener planet. 

Amisewaka Desa Les Community Center

Amisewaka scaled
Photo by Amisewaka Desa Les Community Center

If you’re exploring North Bali’s stunning black sand coastline or diving in its coralline seas, don’t miss the chance to visit Amisewaka Desa Les Community Center, a groundbreaking education center in Tejakula district (about an hour’s drive west of Amed). Amisewaka delivers vocational and life skills training to disadvantaged young people, with the aim of boosting their confidence and empowering them to find jobs in leading hotels and restaurants. The gently curving building is a sight to behold with a roof covered in edible permaculture gardens and solar panels against a backdrop of coconut palms. Students learn how to use the organic harvests to create nourishing dishes and refreshments, while the excess produce and other goodies are sold at a weekly market held each Thursday from 1pm–4pm.

Website | Instagram | Contact

Earth Company

DSC03257 min scaled 1
Photo by Earth Company

By supporting and promoting social entrepreneurs striving to create environmental and social impact, Earth Company’s mission is to accelerate positive change and sustainability across the world’s developing countries. By providing resources, mentorship, and financial support to these changemakers (called Impact Heroes), the non-profit is striving to ensure governments adopt a development model that prioritizes human values and the future of the planet. To nurture the next generation of changemakers, it also conducts the Impact Academy, a transformative experiential program that assists institutions, companies and schools to build regenerative futures.

Website | Instagram  


WhatsApp Image 2022 08 25 at 11.25.55
Photo by ecoBali

Established in 2006 in response to the urgency of Bali’s waste management problems, ecoBali provides holistic and responsible waste management services across the island—including here at the Livit Hub. From waste separation at source and waste collection and recycling to composting systems, consulting, and zero waste environmental education, we are a proud client of Bali’s leading independent waste management service provider. 

Website | Instagram 

elami&co / Toko Elami

Toko Elami
Photo by Toko Elami

Bali’s most dynamic and daring events production team, in recent years elami&co have branched out in myriad directions to express their love for Indonesian artistic expressions both classic and contemporary. After the pandemic brought their in-person events to a standstill, the team poured their dedication into handmade creations, which can now be found in one delightful location. Toko Elami in Ubud is elami&co’s love letter to their favorite makers and artists. Everything is handmade in Indonesia, supports local makers, and makes a great gift no matter the occasion. With 29 local brands and artisans in store, there’s no better place to pick up something special for loved ones. 

elami&co: Website | Instagram | Contact
Toko Elami: Website | Instagram 

Forest Carbon

Photo by Forest Carbon via Twitter

It’s well known that deforestation is an urgent environmental concern in many parts of Southeast Asia—including in Indonesia. Forest Carbon is a developer of regional forest restoration projects that—through a proven business model and millions in private sector investment—restores threatened ecosystems while delivering benefits for local communities, biodiversity and investors. Its team—who Livit has supported through our talent sourcing, coworking and business admin services—has a decade of experience working on the ground, from mapping wetlands and assessing below-ground carbon storage, to hiring local workers and gaining community support.

Website | LinkedIn | Contact


indosole header
Photo by The Social Space

Indosole creates stylish, functional, and durable footwear from used tires collected from landfills and streets in Indonesia. The B-Corp company (a business certified as meeting high social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency standards) is on a mission to reduce waste and promote sustainable fashion, while also emphasizing the importance of fair labor and supporting local artisans. We are proud investors in the brand, which has gained popularity among consumers who are environmentally conscious and insist on a decent wage for workers. So next time you need a new pair of  sandals or flip-flops, think first whether you’d like to be wearing them responsibly, and remember to check out Indosole.

Website | Instagram  

International Pole & Line Foundation

1693302676285 1
Photo by IPNLF via LinkedIn

Awareness of the detrimental impacts of overfishing is rapidly growing in Southeast Asia, and in response F&B businesses are gradually pledging to only serve sustainably sourced seafood caught with the pole-and-line, handline or troll fishing methods. Founded in 2012, the International Pole & Line Foundation—whose team members have used our coworking services—connects small-scale fishers with the F&B and hospitality industries to help them reduce their environmental impact, make sustainable tuna more readily available, protect ecosystems, and safeguard fishers’ livelihoods.


KemBALI Becik

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Photo by KemBALI Becik via Facebook

Soon after Bali’s tourism industry began its post-pandemic bounceback, NGOs and local businesses banded together for a greener tourism recovery, under the banner of KemBALI Becik. In Indonesian, kembali means “return”, while becik is Balinese for “good”. Through its website, social media campaigns and sustainable travel guide, the collective highlights businesses and organizations adopting clean energy and offering environmentally friendly products. Are you part of a start-up or company that deserves a place in KemBALI Becik’s Green Pages? Find out how to get your free listing here.

Website | Instagram | Contact 


Kopernik scaled
Photo by Kopernik

Established in 2010 and headquartered in Ubud, Kopernik has grown into Indonesia’s most respected and hard-working R&D lab addressing social and environmental challenges. The multi-award-winning organization excels at creativity and innovation, and among its dozens of dynamic programs is a collaboration with prominent musicians and artists to raise awareness of Indonesia’s plastic waste crisis and reduce single-use plastic consumption. The campaign culminated in the feature-length documentary Pulau Plastik (Plastic Island), which is available on Netflix — it’s essential viewing for anyone interested in environmental issues.

Website | Instagram | Contact | Register to visit their HQ 

Mana Earthly Paradise

Mana scaled
Photo by Mana Earthly Paradise

A regenerative and progressive collection of eco-villas in Ubud, Mana Earthly Paradise’s name comes from a Polynesian term meaning “life force” or “spiritual energy,” which reflects its commitment to living sustainably and with respect for the earth and its inhabitants. The villas were built with natural, renewable materials and use renewable energy; the restaurant serves delicious probiotic foods made from locally sourced, organic ingredients; and the store features ethically sourced products that support local communities. The profits go to funding Earth Company’s work to support its Impact Heroes across the Asia Pacific.

Website | Instagram | Book your stay


image home.9b86584eb78b01d5452a scaled
Photo by Robries

A small startup of talented and determined young entrepreneurs based in Surabaya, Robries transforms plastic waste into seriously cool minimalist furniture and small furnishings that have been featured at international sustainability and design fairs from Singapore to Paris. They’ve also collaborated with major brands such as Samsonite and Uniqlo, while their customer base extends across Indonesia to Malaysia, South Korea, Australia, the US, the Netherlands, Italy, and many more. Their savvy combination of sustainability and sleek design is why Livit is proud to be among the investors in this exciting startup which to date has recycled 64,000 tons of plastic into must-have products. 

Website | Instagram | Linktree 

Ubud Story Walks

Ubud Story Walks scaled
Photo by Ubud Story Walks

Have you been in Bali for a while but are yet to deeply engage with its history and cultural heritage? One of the best—and greenest—ways you can do so is by joining a walking tour led by Ubud Story Walks. The all-women small business is dedicated to helping visitors understand how Balinese people have navigated the past century, and tapped into their culture to become a hub for traditional and contemporary spiritual practices. If you’re eager to learn about the island’s rich artistic traditions, Ubud’s most significant landmarks, and the enduring legacy of its most influential artist, book a tour today!

Website | Instagram | Contact  

Do you know of a startup or initiative that should be on this list? Please let us know!

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