Virtual Team Building

These are terms people have searched extensively over the last few months. But it’s not just because of what we have all lived through recently with lockdowns and working from home. It is not even because remote work has become mainstream. 

It’s because remote work setups dehumanize people and it affects our productivity, motivation and engagement. People are becoming aware of this downside of working remotely and we can see a clear need and also ROI on team building activities.

The ROI on building “connection” in a team became very clear in the Massive Online Open Courses (MOOC) or e-learning that have become commonplace.

The industry standard of completing self-paced and recorded courses is around 20%. 

Only 2 students are likely to finish a small course if they have purchased it. The completion ratio grows tremendously if people in such courses are paired or grouped with real-time communication channels for discussion, practice, or chat. Completion rates skyrocket to 80% after implementing online team-building activities. 

Did you know that feeling of employee isolation may reduce productivity up to 21%?
Online or virtual team building activities will encourage more meaningful human interactions between remote employees, and that in turn can help boost productivity.

Implementing and nurturing the practice of consistent virtual team building can be pivotal for the success and productivity of such teams. Here is what may help with Communication, Engagement, Collaboration.

Dare to lead a virtual team building

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Supporting companies transitioning to a remote work or a hybrid setup, we are seeing two opposite approaches:

Recreating the office—being constantly on calls, constantly chatting, and maybe even using time tracking systems, which take screenshots of employee’s desktops.

Getting so detached and asynchronous, that people do the same work twice, get disengaged and burn out.

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One of the most important components in building a productive remote work set-up is team bonding— regardless of whether you have ever met in RL or how many kilometres are between you.

Those who are trying to recreate the office may lack trust in their team—building trust requires safe and satisfying human interaction.

Those who have gone too far with being remote and feel dehumanized will gain connection, which will automatically improve productivity and efficiency in communication.

Regardless of which way your team has handled working remotely, you can learn a lot from virtual team building! Just tell us where you’d like us to send it, and you’ll get it within the next 24 hours!