Team Coworking in Bali: the 2024 Version of the Company Offsite

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As more and more companies shift to partially or fully remote, company offsites and workations to bring distributed team members together for collaboration and connection are more important than ever. Alongside bonding activities and exploring the location, team coworking is a core part of a company offsite — so it’s essential to get it right. 

One of Southeast Asia’s top hotspots for remote workers, Bali’s spectacular landscapes, vibrant living heritage, buzzing F&B scene, and wide range of coworking spaces make it an ideal destination for teams needing to embrace a dynamic blend of collaborative work and relaxation in a supportive and inspiring setting. In recent years, tourism and hospitality sector members and entrepreneurs have strived to create a conducive and compelling environment for remote work, whether individually, or as part of a company offsite or team getaway.

However, as Chase Warrington, Head of Remote at leading productivity software company Doist has advised:

“Offsites require massive investments in terms of financial resources, time and energy. Don’t leave this to internal team leaders who have no interest or experience in planning them — you’ll likely end up with a mediocre result and a poor experience for the team. Ensuring someone owns the process will also create optimized best practices and policies, as well as diminish redundant work for leaders across the organization.”

We own the process 

While we wholeheartedly agree with Chase for the most part, there’s one thing on which we don’t quite see eye to eye: that offsites require massive financial investments. 

At Livit, our ten years of specializing in remote work; extensive network of tech startups, NGOs, and leading entrepreneurs across edtech, sustainability, ecommerce, and fintech; and local knowledge of Bali’s best attractions have enabled us to create three tiers of coworking packages that offer unbeatable value for teams of 3–20 members.

What Chase absolutely got right, however, is that when someone “owns the process,” it diminishes redundant work for leaders across an organization. This is one of the many reasons why over 500 entrepreneurs and remote workers from more than 30 countries have joined us in Bali for team coworking (or ‘coworkations’ as we like to call them).  

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We take care of everything so you don’t have to

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From airport transfers, a SIM card with preloaded data, and accommodation to insightful business talks, facilitated team-building sessions, sunrise volcano treks, and delicious, nourishing meals, our team coworking packages have been designed to ensure that each and every crucial detail has been checked off before you arrive. For spontaneous requests, ongoing assistance and a dedicated on-site team will be ready to assist.

Years of experience in developing and fine-tuning coworking getaways for diverse and dynamic teams from across the globe have given us an eagle eye for detail: whether it’s technical requirements for workspaces, dietary requirements, or transport logistics for recreational activities, we think of each and every element. And we delight in regularly hearing our coworking hub members and coworkation participants confirm this:

“We’ve been doing workations at least once a year with Livit for the last several years, and it has been fantastic to not have to worry about a thing and see a massive spike in our productivity, motivation, happiness and engagement. We’re now determined to do it more often!”

—Nick Martin, CEO & Co-founder, Magloft

We especially love to share our expertise with visiting teams. With the Premium Team Knowledge Getaway, participants receive up to five hours of team-building facilitation, consultancy or training with Livit experts, drawing from our experience of building and scaling several wildly successful startups.

Location, location, location

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Bali’s daily international tourist arrivals have now surpassed pre-Covid numbers, Bali’s Governor reported in June. This is fantastic news for the island’s travel sector after the devastating years of the pandemic, but it does mean that many of Bali’s tourism regions are experiencing traffic congestion. 

Except here in Sanur. 

As the charming coastal village is renowned for its magnificent sunrises, calm seas, peaceful vibes, and laid-back restaurants — in comparison to the beach club and party scenes of Seminyak, Kuta and Canggu that draw far more tourists — Sanur’s roads remain relatively traffic congestion-free. 

Finally, the Livit Hub is located on a quiet side street just a few minutes’ walk from Jalan Raya Tamblingan, Sanur’s main street, ensuring the village’s tranquil atmosphere permeates the building and contributes to our exceptional team coworking conditions. 

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