Sharing Is Caring: Energy Management & Self-awareness At Work With Helene Schmit

In our modern work society, we are often driven by endless to-do lists, and many people are stretching themselves too thin to meet their own expectations or other people’s. We all want to be productive and achieve our goals, but when we have so many things to do that’s not humanly possible, we end up burning ourselves out.


Luckily, this month you’ll meet Helene Schmit, who helps entrepreneurs and leaders to connect, embody and share their vision through the way they lead, work and live.

Helene is an empowerment architect and a future of work activist, and she runs her own business called Exploring Happy where she’s the coach and consultant. She works with inspired change-makers (entrepreneurs and leaders) who want to create a fulfilling, impactful and human-centred work-life, organization or business through a perspective shift: from managing your time to managing your energy—an approach and philosophy that can be applied to every aspect of your work life.

Her signature work is to help people get to really understand themselves, reconnect to their true vision and message, and then learn how to embody that knowledge through the way they behave, think, lead, communicate and live.

In this Sharing Is Caring event, Helene will teach you how to approach work from a completely different perspective. From body wisdom to human-centred productivity techniques and tasks management, you will learn nuggets of wisdom on how to see and live your work life differently, and how to collaborate and communicate better.

Come join us on Wednesday, March 18th, 2020 at 4:30 PM and let’s learn how to manage our energy and self-awareness together!

Raymond Hasiholan

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