Remote Skills Summit Indonesia - RSSI 2022

Remote Skills Summit Indonesia 2022 ONLINE

In order to achieve success in your lifetime, continuous learning is high on the list of skills required. 

Our goal is to inspire professionals to stay current on the latest developments in remote learning and remote work, be inspired to reskill and upskill in technology, and successfully navigate changes in their lives and organizations.

 Our Remote Skills Academy has been sharing knowledge we’ve gathered over the past decade for the past two years. As part of our two-year anniversary celebration, we launched the Remote Skills Summit Indonesia (RSSI 2022). 

The Remote Skills Academy is made possible by 30+ trainers/experts from our ecosystem each year as a result:

Courses and learning
paths created
Students enrolled
in our courses
Average rating
of 10

Combining all these learnings, we are launching the Remote Skills Summit Indonesia 2022, held at Livit Hub Bali on February 9th and 10th. A detailed schedule with panels and speakers is  here!

 Day 1: ONLINE for online employees and remote work enthusiasts.

Day 2: ONLINE for business owners and entrepreneurs.

Includes access to all sessions (online and offline): 2-DAY PASS Includes access to all sessions (online and offline) – ( Rp200.000

Keynote Agenda Day 1:

The State of Remote Working Post Pandemic

Effective Remote Learning: How to Reskill and Upskill Remotely Like a Pro

Remote Career Paths: Level Up & Earn More $$$

Remote Networking with Remote Employers + RSA Alumni

Keynote Agenda Day 2:

The Future of Work: Hybrid, Remote, or Back to the Office?

Building a High-Performing Remote Team

Delegate to Virtual Assistants: Is the 4-Hour Work Week for Entrepreneurs Working?

Networking Event at Livit Hub Bali Rooftop

A detailed schedule with panels and speakers is listed here!

Note that the RSSI is 100% online so you can join it from anywhere! Alternatively, you can watch the recordings at your own pace later.

What have we learned over these two years while running our impact-focused initiative?

People are seeking extra education

People who have a degree in the subject they’d like to practice, but not one that involves a “remote” aspect, are willing to take a few classes and apply for more flexible jobs via Upwork or for better-paying positions with companies that hire globally.

Those who have had a location-dependent career for most of their lives are under pressure due to the pandemic. They usually start with our bestseller Virtual Assistance and build from there. Our mentoring sessions, as well as personal consultations, are also very popular with these students.

One size does not fit all

Motivation is an essential factor in determining the success of learning and development. According to Gretchen Rubin’s four tendencies, 41% of the population requires a lot of accountability and support. To meet this requirement, we provide live courses with group learning and co-working (online), rigid paths, and attendance checks. Another 43% of the population belongs to the other two groups, who are fine without external support and are okay with a self-guided or recorded learning path.


Combining all these experiences, best-performing masterclasses, and practices, we are launching the Remote Skills Summit Indonesia 2022.

We are looking forward to seeing you on February 9th and 10th!

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