All the recruitment tools you’ll need to hire great talent in 2022 

Recruitment tools are undeniably shaping how companies are hiring and retaining top talent these days.

These tools can become a trusted partner to anyone that leads or is involved in the hiring process. The recruitment tools we will present here will assist the entire flow of your hiring processes and optimize your productivity with minimum effort.  

“War for talent” has been around for ages. Especially in the post-pandemic times, saying that the landscape of recruiting and retaining talented employees has become more “competitive” – is a gross understatement.  

Some will say, “well, nothing is new under the sun!”. People will always look for better opportunities, and companies will always want to hire the best talent in the most cost-efficient and fastest way possible. While these two hypotheses will probably stay with us for decades to come, what has not remained the same is how recruitment is executed. In fact, there are tons of new and valuable “things under the sun” regarding how the war for talent is fought, and all of them were brought forward by… you guessed it – Technology and recruitment tools!

According to Unleash, Global HR technology investment saw deals of $100 million or more in Q3 2020 – the second-highest level since 2017. The numerous recruitment tools available nowadays are becoming an evident alternative to recruitment agencies for small teams/companies. They can even replace in-house recruiters. So, why not give them a try? Here is a list of recruitment tools we think are worth your attention.  

Introducing the “Game Changer” of recruitment tools: Application Tracking System (ATS) 

Think of an ATS as the core recruitment tool to have. It is the “mission control” for all of your hirings. It will organize and streamline everything for you. An ATS stores all your candidate data in one place, having a clear overview of hiring status for each role, facilitating communication with your candidates, tracking important recruitment KPIs like time to hire, and enabling advanced automation features (triggers, reminders, emailing loop, etc.). The list of advantages is endless. So, regardless of your team size, having an ATS will elevate your hiring process and experience on all fronts.  

TeamTailor is our ATS of choice at Livit, and we are extremely happy with their product and features. The ATS market is booming with new releases almost every quarter, so finding the perfect ATS to match your needs and budget won’t be a hassle. Lever, Recruitee, and SmartRecruiters are only a few of the ATS solutions to keep an eye out for.

Introducing the “Time Efficiency Champion” of recruitment tools: Video Interviewing System

Imagine you do a vox pop on “what is the most time-consuming stage/part of the recruitment process?”. We can bet that most HR professionals, recruiters, and hiring managers will place interviews at the top of this ranking. We’ve experienced it first hand –  interviews can indeed be a time-devouring ordeal. Fortunately for us, we now use this recruitment tool as well. Video interviewing tools are here to save the day!

By implementing such tools, you can conduct screening and initial interviews asynchronously. There’s no need to get up in the middle of the night to interview a rockstar candidate from the other side of the world. Send them a list of questions, and they will record their video responses in their own time. A win-win for everyone!

In this sense, video interviewing tools are even more valuable and relevant for remote-friendly or fully remote companies with a distributed team and, by default, have all their interviews online.

We have been using Astronaut for the past two years and never want to go back! This tool saved our clients and ourselves hundreds of hours conducting “traditional” screening/initial interviews, comparing agendas, scheduling, re-scheduling, etc. Another option you can check out is VireVue.

Introducing the “Uncoruptible Talent Scout” of recruitment tools: Pre-hire Assessment System

So you have your “hiring mission control” (your ATS), and you were bestowed with flexibility and impressive time efficiency in running your interviews due to the video interviewing tool you just implemented. Next, let’s look at how you can best assess your candidates’ knowledge, skills, abilities, and other qualifications.

Surveys show that more than 80% of Fortune 500 companies use pre-hire assessments. Some examples worth mentioning are work samples, personality tests, cognitive ability tests, job knowledge tests, and practical tests (coding tests, take-home assignments, etc.). Online assessment tools/platforms will grant you access to many such assessments and help you identify and select the best candidates for your role. 

Coding tests became the flagship of pre-hire assessments. They became a standard step in any tech hire and continuously showcase why such practices are crucial for a successful hire. By providing concrete and objective evaluations of one’s skills and abilities, these tools help us bypass personal biases and ultimately help us make a genuinely informed hiring decision.

When assessing tech candidates (developers, engineers, SQAs), we recommend HackerRank, Codility, and DevSkiller. If you are hiring non-tech profiles (sales, finance, HR), look into HighMatch, Cappfinity, eSkill, and Plum. 

Introducing the ”Employer Branding Prodigy” of recruitment tools: Candidate Relationship Management System

Any candidate relationship management solution would be a fantastic add-on to the suite of recruitment tools we covered above. If you have any extra budget lying around, we would highly recommend you invest in one. With the rise of recruitment marketing, candidate relationship software has become central for attracting, engaging, and nurturing candidates. In this category, Beamery picked our interest the most! Their 360 talent platform, powered by state-of-the-art AI technology, helps numerous clients overcome their most critical talent challenges daily.

We hope this list will be helpful, and you will find some action points or tools you can deploy immediately. Happy exploring! 

Alexandrina Danifeld

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