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Talent Acquisition & Recruitment Services

Hiring skilled talent sounds like an easy task, but companies often fail at it. Actually, 82% of Fortune 500 executives say that they frequently hire incorrectly. These can be mistakes that are hard and expensive to reverse. We can help you to make better recruitment decisions and build a team of A-players, independently of the size of your business and specific needs.

How CTO managed to get rare affordable tech team and build his own talent pool on LinkedIn

Hiring without Recruiters

Tobias is calling himself an Entreprenerd. He is a polyglot as he speaks 50 programming languages fluently. As a CTO for a  bootstrapped tech company, he is fully focused on product development. Being that busy and rather mindful of expenses, regular recruitment fees seem to be unaffordable, yet the team has to be scaled and the product improved.

The Challenge

  • Getting full-stack developers within a reasonable budget, probably remote, preferably in Indonesia,
  • Having prequalified/screened pool of applicants without engaging a recruiter,
  • Having recorded a set of answers for screening questions to minimize time spent.
  • Rapid innovation in the industry makes it difficult to find talent for emerging technologies.

Why Livit?

  • Proven HR BP partner for building a talent pool
  • Affordable pricing for smart hiring, which is crafted for bootstrapping companies, 
  • Automation and tools, which allow engaging with only qualified candidates 
  • Creative sourcing methods to find usually inaccessible talent and fast delivery of candidates with excellent skill-match.

The Solution

  • Targeting Suitable Candidates on LinkedIn in selected regions 
  • Adjusting the target based on the first batches of candidates
  • Personalized Sponsored in-mails promoting the company
  • Using interviewing automation, which takes the first interview from 60 min spent to 10 min spent on qualifying the candidate. 
  • Regular check-ins to align current sourcing strategy with learnings from previous candidates.


  • Over 100 full-stack developers tech talent applicants from passive talent pools 
  • 3 hires with one Lead Talent 
  • The majority of potential future employees were willing to connect on LinkedIn to stay in touch
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We have a trained eye for skilled talent.

During our 5+ years of experience, we’ve learned the intricacies of the talent market, how to spot high-performers, good organizational culture fit, key position requirements, etc.

We’ve helped build remote teams across regions and industries.

Livit has successfully recruited talent for tech, finance, sales, HR and marketing positions, for companies of different sizes from across the globe.

We have an expertise-focused, flat-fee approach.

Regular recruiters who charge percentage commissions tend to be more interested in making profits than in finding the right person. Our fixed-rate structure allows us to focus on finding the ideal candidate for the job.

We become part of your team.

Regular recruiters also act like contractors, striving for their own personal interest. Our approach is to become your temporary partners, helping you increase happiness and productivity levels within your organization.

We have a strategic methodology.

We strive to ensure long-term success through all of our services. We focus on gaining a deep understanding of our partner’s goals before making any suggestions.


We are happy to address your doubts or schedule a free 30-min consultation!