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We offer two approaches to hiring the best people

Get rockstars reasonably fast and do it lean financially​

The quality of candidates is always excellent, but you may have more time but not as much funding. Hiring skilled talent sounds like an easy task, but companies often fail at it. It's hard to find qualified people to hire, and it's even harder to know if you're making the right decision. It can be tempting to go with your gut feeling and hire the first person who seems like a good fit, but that can often lead to mistakes. Those mistakes can be costly and difficult to reverse.
Hire without recruiters

Save your time and get the best talent fast​​

Our team of experts has the knowledge and experience needed to help you find the best talent for your business. We have a rigorous selection process that includes skills testing and interviews with our team of experts. We'll work with you to identify your specific needs and build a recruitment plan that will give you the best chance of finding A-players, regardless of the size of your business and particular needs.
Hire using recruiters

How Livit helped one CTO build a rare affordable tech team using his own LinkedIn talent pool

Hire without using recruiters


A CTO for a bootstrapped tech company, Tobias calls himself an Entreprenerd.

A polyglot who speaks 50 programming languages fluently, he was tasked with innovative product development while scaling a crucial A-team at a budget. From time-poor, faced with unaffordable recruitment fees to building a flourishing team and a scalable product. How did he do it?

The Challenge

  • Getting full-stack, remote developers within a tight budget
  • Access to a prequalified, screened pool of applicants without a recruiter
  • Recording a set of answers to complement screening questions for the sake of time
  • Finding the right talent for emerging technologies in a rapidly changing market

Why Livit

  • A proven HR business partner with a success rate for building a targeted talent pool
  • Affordable pricing crafted for bootstrapped companies 
  • Curated smart hires for specific job functions 
  • Technologically advanced automation to sift through only qualified candidates 
  • Delivering creative sourcing methods to skill-match hard-to-access talent efficiently

The Solution

  • Geographical targeting of suitable candidates on LinkedIn
  • Versatile target based adjustments for each batch of candidates 
  • Crafting personalized sponsored in-mails that promote the company
  • Using interviewing automation to cut qualification interview times from 60 min to 10 min per candidate
  • Updating previous sourcing strategies to offer an updated methodology through data implementation


  • Over 100 full-stack developers tech talent applicants from passive talent pools 
  • 3 hires with one Lead Talent 
  • The majority of potential future employees were willing to connect on LinkedIn to stay in touch
  • Created 1000+ targeted new connections to add to the talent bank for future hires
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How this CTO managed to get an extremely niche tech team and keep building a MedTech product

Hire using Recruiters

Allan Renneberg Gersfelt-Larsen is an experienced R & D leader.

For the last 15 years, he has been working in product development. And in the previous two years, he was on a mission impossible: to build a team with scarce experience in medical device hardware and software development. 

CathVision develops and markets innovative products for cardiac ablation therapy. This is a next-generation EP system enabling AI algorithms and intelligent decision support.


The Challenge

  • Getting software engineers with scarce experience quickly.
  • Having those professionals in Copenhagen on sight.
  • Having a profound screening interview and seeing only the top candidates to save the precious time of the CTO.
  • The highly innovative approach of the company makes it almost impossible to find those professionals.

Why Livit

  • A proven tech recruitment partner for finding core, rare, and essential talent.
  • Affordable pricing with a flat fee no matter the seniority, stack, or location.
  • High capability to drive the process until the end of the hiring process and present only the top shortlist.
  • Creative sourcing methods usually find inaccessible talent and fast delivery of candidates with excellent skill-match.

The Solution

  • Livit performs recruitment of such rare talents via all possible channels in the country and European Union.
  • We are building a remote, flexible workplace option to accommodate the needs of professionals outside of Copenhagen. 
  • Employer branding is delivered on the website and social media platforms.
  • Profiling, development tests, and thorough interview methods are implemented.


  • The CTO only conducted five interviews, and he made three hires. 
  • We repeated the same practice for two years in a row, with the same outcome.
  • A talent pool of similar professionals is being prepared for the next hiring rounds.


We have a trained eye for skilled talent.

During our 5+ years of experience, we’ve learned the intricacies of the talent market, how to spot high-performers, good organizational culture fit, key position requirements, etc.

We’ve helped build remote teams across regions and industries.

Livit has successfully recruited talent for tech, finance, sales, HR and marketing positions, for companies of different sizes from across the globe.

We have an expertise-focused, flat-fee approach.

Regular recruiters who charge percentage commissions tend to be more interested in making profits than in finding the right person. Our fixed-rate structure allows us to focus on finding the ideal candidate for the job.

We become part of your team.

Regular recruiters also act like contractors, striving for their own personal interest. Our approach is to become your temporary partners, helping you increase happiness and productivity levels within your organization.

We have a strategic methodology.

We strive to ensure long-term success through all of our services. We focus on gaining a deep understanding of our partner’s goals before making any suggestions.


We are happy to address your doubts or schedule a free 30-min consultation!

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