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Talent Acquisition & Recruitment Services

Hiring skilled talent sounds like an easy task, but people often fail at it. Actually, 82% of Fortune 500 company executives say that they often hire incorrectly. These can be mistakes that are hard and expensive to reverse. We can help you to make better recruitment decisions and build a team of A-players, independently of the size of your business and specific needs.
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We have a trained eye for skilled talent.

During our 5+ years of experience, we’ve learned the intricacies of the talent market, how to spot high-performers, good organizational culture fit, key position requirements, etc.

We’ve helped build remote teams across regions and industries.

Livit has successfully recruited talent for tech, finance, sales, HR and marketing positions, for companies of different sizes from across the globe.

We have an expertise-focused, flat-fee approach.

Regular recruiters who charge percentage commissions tend to be more interested in making profits than in finding the right person. Our fixed-rate structure allows us to focus only on finding the ideal candidate for the job.

We become part of your team.

Regular recruiters also act like contractors, striving for their own personal interest. Our approach is to become your temporary partners, helping you increase happiness and productivity levels within your organization.

We have a strategic methodology.

We strive to ensure long-term success through all of our services. We focus on gaining a deep understanding of our partner’s goals before making any suggestions.

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Michael Bodekaer Jensen, CEO and Founder, Zurich, Switzerland
Michael Bodeaker
"We use recruitment services a lot, currently Tech Talents mostly for Europe and Indonesia. Livit is the world's best working location, team environment, culture and HR management with great support for partially remote organization."
Labster is an award-winning company, focused on revolutionizing the way science is taught. Founded: 2011, 50-200 employees. EdTech, Education Management, USA, EU, Asia. 2019 – $21 M in Series B, 2020 $9 M in equity funding.
Tobias Strebitzer, Co-Founder and CTO , Bali Indonesia
Tobias Strebitzer
"Solid cultural and legal Know-how: Their team - and the guests that hang out here - helped our business with key-critical decisions, recruitment, work and stay permits, administration and running hackathons. They are absolute experts in regards to Indonesian law and regulations, and we consider them co-founders in many ways."

Magloft is a SaaS Digital Publishing Platform. Founded: 2015, 11-50 employees. Publishing – Indonesia, Self-funded

Michael Olsen, CTO, Denmark, Copenhagen​
Michael Olsen
"We are a remote native company, hence we always look for the best candidate from across the globe. Livit has provided help in recruiting new members for the Mailbird team for years."​
Mailbird – award-winning email platform for the 2.4bn+ Windows users world-wide. Founded: 2012. Size: 11-50 employees. Computer Software, USA, Bootstrapping


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