We offer two approaches to
hiring the best people

Recruitment Automation

Full Recruitment Services


We have a trained eye for skilled talent

During our 5+ years of experience, we’ve learned the intricacies of the talent market, how to spot high-performers, culture fit, key position requirements.


We are a: remote-capable, value-based, human-centric, high-performance, impact-focused organization.

Years of experience

Over the years, we facilitated the emergence and exponential growth of a variety of global,
award-winning businesses in the tech & entrepreneurial space.

Livit is a Great Place To Work®

We are also officially a certified Great Place To Work®, People-First Organization, and one of the 2% most engaged teams in the world according to Office Vibe

Most recruited non-tech profiles

Business Development and Sales, Finance Marketing, Operations/HR

Most recruited tech profiles

C# Developers, Full-stack engineers, SQA Engineers, 3D/2D Artists, UX/UI Designers, Scientific content writers, Frontend Developers, IOS Developers, Android Developers, Python Developers, DevOps, Data Scientists.

Recruitment Automation
2000 USD for a collaboration of 3 months

The price is per role (you are free to hire as many candidates as you want from the talent pool we will build).  Access to TeamTailor and Astronaut.  Biweekly check-ins (the format can be agreed upon). Recruitment automation service setup:

  • Setting up the role in our ATS and Astronaut (async video interviewing tool), Posting on our career page
  • Customized candidate outreach in LinkedIn
  • Screening CVs and moving the relevant people to take the Astronaut videos. From this point onwards Hiring Managers are taking over the coordination and communication with the candidates.


Full Recruitment Services​
5000 USD per hire

The price is per hired candidate.  Access to TeamTailor and Astronaut.  Biweekly check-ins (the format can be agreed upon). Service setup:

    • Setting up the role in our ATS. Creating a tailored selection process to fit your needs. Posting on our career page and paid job boards. 
    • Customized candidate search and outreach (LinkedIn, our internal database and other channels).  Headhunting;
    • Coordination of the entire selection process (Screening candidates; Initial screening/culture fit interviews; Coordination and guidance through the stages handled by the hiring manager; Reference check;)
    • Managing all communication with the candidates, support with the interview scheduling; Presenting the employment offer;
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What is Livit?

Livit is a support system and service provider for entrepreneurs, remote workers and startup teams.  Livit is an umbrella that has several brands, projects, teams and initiatives underneath it.

Our “WHY” is to inspire and enable entrepreneurs, their teams and remote workers to build disruptive businesses, projects and careers that impact the world in a positive way.

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