NEW: Project Getaway Now Curates Workations And Retreats For Both Entrepreneurs And Teams

Back in 2010, before ‘coworkations‘ even had a name, Project Getaway pioneered a program for entrepreneurs to work, learn, share and get inspired together.

So far, 150+ people from 25+ countries have taken part in the 11 editions that took place in 3 different countries. But Bali has proven time and again it’s THE place to be with over 800 applications received for this island retreat.

Organised by Livit, Project Getaway has been the birthplace of many successful start-ups including Mailbird, Magloft, Airhelp, Labster—of which the last two have teams of over 100 people working across the world.

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In a natural evolution for the program, entrepreneurs who have taken part in Project Getaway have asked for retreats for their ever-growing teams. Alongside the annual entrepreneurs’ retreats, Livit has (quietly) also delivered team workations for companies.

Based on the success of these team retreats, Project Getaway announces it is now making them available for everyone.

All you need to do is gather your team, decide on the best dates, let the Livit team know your needs and they will have it all ready and waiting for you in Bali.

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Widely regarded as one of Bali’s most inspiring workspaces, Livit Hub is a dynamic, innovative, plug & play space and the perfect base for your team getaway. Plus the Project Getaway & Livit teams will take care of your accommodation, meals, island adventures and all logistics.

As Magloft’s CEO and co-founder Nick Martin reflects:

‘I participated in Project Getaway years ago as an entrepreneur, which was an invaluable source of inspiration and support in starting my own company (we came up with the name of our company during PG!). Together with my co-founder Toby, we then grew the team, which is half remote and half co-located in Bali.

We’ve been gathering the team roughly once a year for workations at Livit in Bali, and it has been fantastic to not have to worry about a thing and see a massive spike in productivity, happiness and engagement. We’re now determined to do it more often!’

More and more teams are working remotely, and face-to-face time to bond, nurture excellence and get a lot done is proving crucial for the success of businesses. Teams who work in the same space equally benefit from leaving the daily routine behind and shifting perspectives to see the big picture.

‘The way we work is changing fast and irreversibly. We are seeing a transition to location independence and remote work—doing business and working from anywhere you have a laptop and a good Wi-Fi connection. The benefits for businesses are numerous, from reduced overheads to access to global talent and much more.

At Livit, we’ve been at the forefront of innovation for several years now, we’ve nurtured and enabled scaling for a variety of businesses, and we’ve learned a lot of do’s and don’ts. One of the do’s is gathering your team for an accelerated get-stuff-done-together, bond & have fun type of experience, which is pivotal for a cohesive and productive team.

We’d now like to use all the knowledge we’ve gained to facilitate more curated, inspiring workations and getaway experiences for teams and entrepreneurs from across the world’

Lavinia Iosub, Livit’s Managing Partner

To officially launch the team retreats, Project Getaway ran a competition for participants of the recent Running Remote conference in Bali. Up for grabs was an entirely free team retreat.

The Project Getaway team are happy to announce that Group Map & Team Retro will be heading back to Bali a bit later this year for their team workation.

‘We’re thrilled to be picked as winners of the Project Getaway by Livit team retreat. It gives us a great reason to bring the team together for some quality face-to-face time, and a bit of work while we are at it. Our team is spread out across the globe—Perth, Sydney, Singapore and the Philippines—so this is a great opportunity for us. We can’t wait to experience Livit and the wonderful facilities and experiences it offers. We are already planning our work (and play) schedule with our team on the islands of the Gods’

Brad Ward & Jeremy Lu, GroupMap Co-Founders.


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