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Our Workplace Culture is One of the Best in Asia in 2022!

Livit Workplace Culture

We have now been officially recognized as one of the top 25 Best Workplaces™ in Asia by Great Place To Work™ in the Small & Medium category based on our workplace culture!

This is a huge honor—not just because it means we’re one of the best places to work in Asia and number three in Indonesia, but because it’s an incredible endorsement of our company culture. We’ve put a lot of effort into making this a place where people feel safe and supported, where they can grow and learn, and where they feel empowered by their managers and peers. And we’re thrilled that this recognition proves that those efforts are paying off for us and our team members!

What is Great Place To Work™?

Great Place To Work® is the global authority on workplace culture. Their purpose is to make the world a better place by making organizations great places to work for everyone. They believe it’s important to validate what employees say. Certification is the first step to finding out how your employees’ experiences compare to others and getting recognized for the great culture you’ve built at work.

Great Place To Work Indonesia 1

And guess what, we were also on Indonesia’s Great Place To Work™ list last year! Check to see if your business can be certified.

Trust Index™ Survey

A “great workplace” is one in which employees trust their leaders, take pride in their job, and enjoy camaraderie with their coworkers. This is assessed using their Trust Index™ survey, which employees have to fill anonymously on the Great Place To Work® platform, and the company will then go through an audit process by the organization. This survey analyzes the three key relationships that influence an employee’s working experience—relationships with management, colleagues, and their job.

Trust Index Survey Great Place To Work

What does a 2022 Best Workplace in Asia look like?

Asia's Best Workplace Culture

Best Workplaces were able to develop a culture of trust, engage their employees, and lead their companies through the instabilities brought on by the Covid-19 outbreak despite the frequent changes and difficulties over the previous year.

At Livit, we managed to overcome challenges brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic. We showed personal and collective resilience by staying connected, supporting one another, and working together as a team.

Fun fact: based on the survey conducted by Great Place To Work Indonesia™, 100% of our employees say they are encouraged to balance their work and personal lives, which is one of the signs of a great company culture.

Best Workplace Culture in Asia

The most important thing we took away from this experience was—when you create a healthy, productive, happy team culture, you’ll be able to weather any storm.

Livit team

Would you like to use our culture deck structure as an example for your company? See our Culture Deck & Company Handbook—feel free to use it as an example that you can edit/build on according to the needs of your organization.

Raymond Hasiholan

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