Livit services for startups, freelancers, corporates


Livit is a Bali-based hub and international service provider for tech startups.

We specialize in offering the following:

  • Inspiring work & event spaces at Livit Hub Bali
  • Business support services in Indonesia and internationally
  • Consultancy on how to best nurture high-performance distributed (remote) teams

The question we love to find an answer for is

How can we help you?


Startup support services
in Indonesia and worldwide

  • Recruitment (global)
  • Consultancy (global)
  • Hosting events & workations (Bali)
  • Admin & Business Support (Indonesia)
  • Employment & Immigration Consultancy (Indonesia)

Conditions apply.

Recruitment (global)

Admin & Business Support in Indonesia

Our dedicated team is here to help you take care of your team members, take care of and advise you on finance, tax, legal & more.

Employment & Immigration Consultancy (Indonesia)

Visas, employment and work permits can be tough to navigate – but we can help!

Recruitment (global)

Global Recruitment

Recruiting great people for the team that will help you change the world is vital for your startup. We can help you with a highly tailored selection process, including outreach, headhunting, screening and testing, assessing culture fit, managing communication with all candidates, reference checks and much more.

Recruitment (global)


Building, leading and scaling a high performance, engaged team that is fully prepared to work remotely can make or break your startup. We have gained an unique set of experiences and knowledge guiding several successful startups on this journey.

Recruitment (global)

Hosting events & workations

  • Event Space
  • Workations & Hackathon Packages in Bali
  • Soft landing packages


 Centrally located in the tranquil town of Sanur, and just a 5′ walk from the beach, Livit Hub is much more than a shared office—it’s a dynamic, innovative, inclusive community conducive to work & play balance.

6 Coworking Packages designed with your needs in mind.

Soft Landing Services to get you covered after the long trip.


Recruitment (global)


USD 700 fixed desk
USD 725 flex desk

weekly – flex desk only
USD 190 for 1 week
USD 370 for 2 weeks
USD 550 for 3 weeks

EAT – means

Three meals prepared daily
(Monday to Friday)
by professional chefs in accordance with international
nutrition guidelines
Unlimited snacks + coffee/tea

Recruitment (global)


420USD fixed desk
435USD flex desk

weekly – flex desk only
120USD for 1 week
220USD for 2 weeks
320USD for 3 weeks

Recruitment (global)

Soft landing package

Airport pick-up, SIM card with 16 GB data, Scooter rental first-month rental payment
90USD + 10% VAT

Assisted accommodation search (optional):
70USD + 10% VAT


High-Performance Teams & Remote Work

Building high-performance, distributed teams to take advantage of the global pool of talent, or introducing remote work to your current teams is no doubt one of the most impactful things you can do for your business.

Though media and more and more companies are talking about the future of work and what that entails, we can see an obvious lack of expertise in strategically planning out and implementing real changes, and making them work.

Throughout our 6+ years of experience assisting successful startups such as Labster (100+ employees), Mailbird, and Magloft, we have amassed a wealth of knowledge and tips.

And we’re happy to share.