Livit is number three in “2022 Indonesia Best Workplaces™

Livit is number three in “2022 Indonesia Best Workplaces™. How does it feel to work in an excellent workplace?

We were awarded yet again! Just this year, Livit International got the third award as an employer. We are winners in Running Remote’s “Employee Wellbeing” category, and we made 100 chosen companies with the proud label “Escape the City.” And just this week we were listed as number three in “2022 Indonesia Best Workplaces™. We are very proud and grateful for all this recognition.

Livit is number three in “2022 Indonesia Best Workplaces™

Personally, I find topics related to HR covered in a very broad/vague manner. When I read suggestions or a good article, I often miss how it is done. What exactly are people doing to make people feel included? How do you create trust, encourage openness, etc.? 

So here is my insider view. Not as fresh, as this is my third year working for Livit, but I do remember clearly how it is/was different in many companies that I have worked with/for during my career. Here is the question I will answer:

How does it feel to work for an award-winning organization?

  1. Well, I have to admit, it feels great! 

Have I just complained about the lack of specificities in HR topics? I am an opinionated idea-driven person. Specifically, my highest value is autonomy since I am an entrepreneur. I can exercise these character traits since I have a framework to leverage should I choose to. Weekly on a must-attend list, I have two written touchpoints, possibly two-three depending on that week’s meetings. The rest I am managing according to my preference. 

  1. I can honestly declare I feel respected. Indeed, not all my ideas are gold. But, I have room for communicating them weekly. If it’s a no-go, I will get a clear explanation of why something should not proceed or be tested. 
  1. I feel heard.

Office Vibe or any other surveying tool, usually checking on employees, is already a regular practice. I like that my direct manager replies to messages promptly as to any other important client. 

  1. I feel important. 

I do. Also, these days remote/digital-first companies are trying to do quarterly reviews or feedback via recorded loom video… I have the luxury of face-to-face one-on-one every quarter. It is structured, verbal, and written. It takes a lot of time, but I can say it’s working and worth it. Respect.

  1. I feel free. 

Livit is remote-first, although we have an amazing huge office, which we share with other startups, SMEs, and digital nomads. Whether in the office or even in the same country does not affect my work much. The best part is that I am free to choose. I was surprised when I learned that coming to the office daily is not a must. “We have created the most convenient, cool, and beautiful office we could have imagined. If you are not here, you obviously have a good reason for it” I heard this from my direct manager. 

Agnes Kay

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