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Exploring new ways to live and work

We have more than ten years of experience supporting entrepreneurs, startups, remote workers and companies, who want to upgrade the way they work and build digital, streamlined, impactful enterprises, that enable them to grow sustainably and live more satisfying lives. 

Have you ever wondered what a fractional executive is and how they can benefit your company? Our recent blog post dives into this intriguing concept and provides a comprehensive guide on how to work with one. From scaling up startups to accessing expert knowledge, fractional executives bring unique value to the table.
Hybrid vs. Remote: Which is the best fit for your workplace?
Hybrid? Remote? It's the showdown of the century, and we're here to referee! 🥊 Dive into our latest blog post (link in bio) to find out which work model knocks out the competition for your team. Spoiler alert: They both have their knockout punches!
Onboard Your First Employee Like a Pro IGFB revised
Ready to level up your onboarding game? Join our virtual workshop on Nov 15th! With Alexandrina Danifeld at the helm and backed by Livit's extensive expertise, this is a game-changer for founders, team leaders, and HR pros.
Career Negotiation Skills IG FB LinkedIn
Ready to level up your career? In this ever-evolving business world, negotiation is your ticket to success. From promotions to work flexibility, it's all about making your case. Dive in with us and Ana-Maria Velica from Green Apples Career™.
Introducing The Ultimate Employee Onboarding Experience - your comprehensive guide through each vital step of the onboarding process. From detailed Checklists to inspiring Onboarding Presentations, it’s every HR manager’s secret weapon.
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Our very own managing partner, Lavinia losub, shares invaluable insights on fostering wellbeing & genuine human connections in the remote work realm.

Work from Bali

Forget working from home. Experience a remote work dream at Livit Hub Bali.
Come and work from Bali with us!