‘Livit gives us peace of mind’: Meet long-term Livit Hub members Stewart Gauld and Emma Garrett

For the past year, New Zealanders Stewart Gauld and Emma Garrett have been operating and expanding their businesses from Livit Hub.

Along with a small team based in various parts of the world, the Kiwi couple run the eponymous brand Stewart Gauld, an education platform that equips small and local businesses with the knowledge, skills and tools needed to thrive online, while Syndeo Media is a digital marketing and web design agency for small businesses. 

As Emma observes, there is a lot of information available on how businesses can optimize their online presence and sales, “but not much for local or micro businesses or just two to ten person teams.” Stewart adds that most of the organic video and article resources they create — which mostly comprise tutorials and comparative and review content — contain basic to intermediate level information, “because we want it to be simple, understandable, and actionable for these small business owners.” 

Crystal clear content

So what does a Stewart Gauld video tutorial look like? Firstly, they’re long-format, averaging around 15 to 20 minutes, with slick graphics, smooth transitions, and subtle music, but the main drawcards are Stewart’s personable nature and clear and simple explanations (not to mention his delightful Kiwi accent). The video playlist categories on the brand’s YouTube channel — which currently hosts 419 videos and has 210K subscribers — range from digital marketing and website builders for beginners to project management software and social media for small businesses.

One of the most popular videos — which has received 1.6 million views — is “HOW TO USE ZOOM | Video Conferencing Tutorial for Beginners”. It was released right at the beginning of the pandemic, when billions of people were plunged into isolation but had never before used video conferencing to connect with loved ones and colleagues. The video’s 2,000+ viewer comments (to which the brand has replied to every single one) perfectly reflect the company’s ethos of providing simple, understandable, and actionable information. Here are a few examples:

“Wow. This is how you make a ‘for beginners’ video. Thank you, Mr. Gauld, for speaking clearly and at a good pace. NO crazy/annoying music. Step-by-step instructions.”

“I’ve watched several tutorials. Some are too complex, giving you way too much detail at one time, but this one was crystal clear.” 

“Very helpful! Easy to understand, and everything was much clearer than on the Zoom website itself.”

On top of its videos and hundreds of “Business Blog” posts, the brand’s pillar product is the ebook Go Digital Now, which the team worked on for about a year. The all-encompassing resource interlinks their organic video and article content, and is marketed as the ultimate guide to launch, navigate, and transform small businesses online. This claim aligns with the brand’s ultimate objective, as Stewart passionately explains: “We want to create the number one platform in the world for small businesses to find the information they need to transition online. That’s the goal, and we’re getting close.”

Keep calm and hustle on 

Before basing themselves in Sanur and becoming members of the Livit Hub, Stewart and Emma tried living in Canggu and working from their villa and several coworking spaces. As Emma notes, however, “nothing seemed like ‘us’ or spoke to us.” In their eyes, many in Bali’s most popular digital nomad hotspot seemed “just a bit too hustle hustle hustle.” In contrast, she says, “everyone at Livit is really calm — even though they’re also hustling.”

Stewart says he likes how Livit members are all “producing and creating, no one’s trying to show off.” He feels everyone is “just in their own world trying to create what they’re trying to create.” The couple agrees that Livit has enabled them to be “incredibly productive” in the day-to-day operations of their businesses, and for this they credit the Hub’s comprehensive facilities and services and stellar staff.   

“We’re able to be as productive as we are because everything is here,” says Emma. “You can eat here, you can do your videos in the dedicated rooms, you can have meetings here, you can do some stretches on the rooftop, you can do your laundry. It’s a very dynamic space.” She adds that she and Stewart genuinely appreciate the Livit staff, mentioning Sukma (Front Desk Champion) and Seven (Host & Operations Assistant), as well as the cleaning staff, for making them feel like “nothing is ever a problem.” 

Meanwhile, Stewart says the Livit team “makes you feel like everything is taken care of.” He admits that since becoming a member, he finds it a lot harder to work at home or in cafes because there are “lots of little distractions.” Whereas at the Hub, he knows he isn’t going to be overwhelmed “because it’s open 24/7, and there’s always at least one room available, so if something pops up unexpectedly you don’t have to worry about finding a private space.”

IMG 1451

A second home 

While they were still in Canggu, Stewart recalls that he and Emma were slightly stressed and anxious most of the time, as there was a lot of uncertainty around the way they were working. “We didn’t have a good supportive structure for work,” he says. “Even in terms of lifestyle and fitness, we were eating pretty badly, whereas here, as we’ve got such a good system in place with this workspace, we know exactly what we’re doing each day, and mentally we feel a lot more at ease. Livit gives us peace of mind.” He goes on to explain that Sanur now feels like their second home, and that “Livit is a big part of that.”

When asked who they would recommend Livit to, Stewart responds with people who have an idea, or a business they’re trying to launch or grow. “People who want to find a place where they can just focus and create, and be surrounded by like-minded people in an environment that allows you to do that.” Emma agrees, saying she feels Livit is perfect for “people who want to work hard, but who also want to get involved in all of the activities on offer, because you can just pop in and pop out, there’s no pressure.”

To learn more about the Stewart Gauld small business education platform, head to the website, and check out their agency Syndeo Media here. If you’re also someone with an idea, or have a business you want to launch or grow but need a supportive work environment to do so, take a look at our coworking membership plans or simply get in touch!

Julia Winterflood

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