The Leadership Upgrade Course

Simplify Remote Team Management and Increase Productivity while Reducing Burnout!

  • Would you like to lead your team towards being happy and productive? 
  • Are your leadership skills sufficient for sustainable business growth? 
  • Would you be surprised if we told you that the most important success factor in business today is not money, but rather happiness and wellbeing?

Imagine having a happy, engaged team that is productive and passionate about their work. They feel valued by the company they work for because you care about them as people first, not just as workers or numbers on a spreadsheet.

The Leadership Upgrade Course will give you the core tools and skills you need to create an engaged workforce in your organization!

We’ll teach you how to build trust within your team so everyone can be heard, while also keeping each other accountable for results.

The skills we teach in this course have been proven effective in our work with multiple companies, allowing them to scale to 10, 50, 300+ team members across the globe!

Join our Leadership Upgrade Course Today to Simplify Remote Team Management and Increase Productivity while Reducing Burnout!

Business leaders who lead happy, productive teams are more likely to achieve the following:

  • 65% Increase in shareholder value
  • 74% Increase in employee retention
  • 20% Reduction in absenteeism
  • 15% Increase in productivity
  • 30% Increase in customer satisfaction
  • 100% Increase in unsolicited job applications

The Leadership Upgrade Course will teach you how to:

  • Organize more productive online meetings, which will result in a happy remote team.
  • Take control of everything through Asana, OKRs, and async performance management.
  • Improve employee engagement and retention by increasing efficiency and implementing systems that include feedback.

Our course is specifically tailored for company owners and managers who are seeking to improve their leadership skills and create a happy workforce within their global remote teams.  

It’s also perfect for people who aspire to become managers or supervisors themselves!

Join our Leadership Upgrade Course Today to Simplify Remote Team Management and Increase Productivity while Reducing Burnout!

The Leadership Upgrade Course solves the following problems

  • The lack of alignment
  • The absence of expectations and objectives
  • Unnecessary meetings
  • An insufficient or misused toolkit 
  • Failure to provide feedback
  • The lack of constructive criticism and praise

The Leadership Upgrade Course Core Content

  • Module 1: What makes a happy, productive remote team?
  • Module 2: Goal setting
  • Module 3: Online meetings & communication
  • Module 4: Performance management and feedback
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Evgeniya Nemkova, CEO/Founder, Belarus​
Evgeniya Nemkova
"We've worked with Livit on improving our prioritisation & streamlining workflows, automating processes, and we implemented Holacracy as our system for organisational governance. We made a step toward being a “calm organisation”, which makes work more efficient and more enjoyable. We have increased our revenue, as we are able to run several courses in parallel."

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