Internship in Bali: Top 3 Greatest Differences between Corporate London and Coworking in Bali

Here are the top three differences I have found while beginning an internship in Bali. Bali is a hub of creative thinkers and doers. Here you will find entrepreneurs, start-ups, and SMEs who are, or already have, launched a successful business idea.

Beginning an Internship in Bali

What’s it like to intern for a Bali-based company? The short answer is busy.

Is it the same as interning in London? Yes, in a way. In Bali, I also go to an office filled with desks and am surrounded by busy workers who fill the atmosphere with calls, meetings, and tapping keyboards.

There are differences, however. In London, meetings are held in gray rooms, and lunch breaks in heavy coats. At the end of the day, there is a cramped and dark commute home to look forward to. In Bali, contrastingly, your meetings happen on sunny rooftops, and you can still walk home in a t-shirt in early February. But you might need a poncho too (when it’s rainy season).

I have experienced both circumstances and am now fortunate enough to reside in Bali. More specifically Sanur which is on the East side of Bali. Sanur is a village by the beach offering a quieter lifestyle than some of the more popular locations within Bali. This includes Canggu which attracts the majority of digital nomads and remote workers.

Here you can find digital nomads, remote workers, and entrepreneurs who have chosen Bali as it offers a great work-life balance.

There is a lot to take on and a lot of people to meet, like working in London, but the environment is the complete opposite. Here are the top three differences I have found so far while beginning my internship in Sanur:

Work Culture – Internship in Bali or Paradise?

Beginning an internship in Bali has been so exciting and different from my day-to-day work life in London.

When you have the option of working literally anywhere it can be very exciting and motivating to get to work. Fancy an iced latte on the side of the document you’re working on? Then head to any cafe, there are many catered to remote workers and provide a peaceful working environment to help launch your creative thoughts.

Bali is notable for its co-working hubs which are populated by entrepreneurs and professionals alike, many of whom have flown many miles to get here. It is clear why co-working hubs are so popular; they provide a unique alternative to sitting at the same desk for 8 hours a day as would be common in a regular office job.

I have found that freedom and a change of scenery help boost productivity, almost like hitting refresh on your brain. The only change of scenery found in an office in London would be relocating to the kitchen or a meeting room, all indoors and not as inspiring as relocating to a sunny rooftop with views of Bali’s biggest volcano, Mount Agung, which can be seen from Livit’s Hub on a sunny day!

internship in Bali
Views of Mount Agung from Sanur Beach

Networking – Co-Working Spaces and Meeting Entrepreneurs

As part of my internship in Bali, I have been granted a co-working membership at Livit’s Hub in Sanur, Bali. There are many benefits for this, one of the biggest being the chance to network and make new connections.

Immediately upon joining a co-working space in Sanur, I was exposed to a variety of business people seeking consultation or hoping to use the hub to host an event. This is one great thing about Bali, events are frequently hosted at co-working hubs to provide successful entrepreneurs with a platform. Here they can showcase business ideas for start-ups or those in internships like myself to take advice and implement it into their business strategies.

London may be a hub of intelligent thinkers which produces some of the most successful businesses, but it is a difficult world to gain a foothold in and an even more competitive one to progress in. Exposing yourself to an array of entrepreneurial ideas from startups in Bali can focus your objectives and help guide your career path. For an intern like myself having just graduated from University and entering the real world, this is of great use.

Travel – The Beauty of Remote Work

Bali is one of the top travel destinations and those who work remotely from Bali or are digital nomads are fortunate enough to be able to explore the beauty of this island. Flexible working hours and freedom to work anywhere allow the opportunity to travel to different areas such as Uluwatu, Kuta, or Canggu to work and explore. Within one week of starting an internship in Bali, I have already witnessed great surf and incredible views from temples high up in the mountains.

Weekend travels provide affordable and easy, albeit sometimes lengthy, escapes to scenic beaches, islands, and temples. Obviously, weekends away will greatly differ from that in London as they are in completely different countries, climates, and cultures. Therefore, if you would like to spend your Saturday on a warm beach under the tropical sun after a hard-working week, Bali may be a better option.

It is hard to talk about traveling in Bali without mentioning the traffic. Bali may offer beautiful destinations and a special culture but it may take you the same amount of time to travel from Sanur to Uluwatu (33.2km) as it is traveling from London to Birmingham (189km) thanks to the traffic – or as Indonesians call it, ‘machet’, which literally means stuck.

Internship in Bali
Working at Livit Hub in Sanur, Bali

These are the three greatest differences I have found in my first week of beginning an internship in Bali.

If you want to gain inspiration and be exposed to entrepreneurial ideas, you should definitely consider working in or from Bali. It is a big change from your classic 9-to-5 in the city of London but offers more freedom and flexibility. Plus, you can’t go wrong with a little more Vitamin D, especially if you are coming from the UK!

Ayisha Jose

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