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‘Incredibly helpful and fun’: Livit’s Immersive Entrepreneurship Academy


As a digital and physical hub for disruptive business-building, sustainable remote work structures, and innovative entrepreneurial skills, Livit is bubbling with experience, ideas, and connections that we love to share as widely as possible. We think you’ll agree this makes us an exciting learning environment for university students and young entrepreneurs — which is exactly why we offer the Immersive Entrepreneurship Academy

I recently wrote about the benefits of immersive learning experiences, and how for many they can become a professional launchpad. To show what these kinds of experiences look like at Livit, today I’m going to spotlight our most recent edition of the Immersive Entrepreneurship Academy, which saw four Princeton University students — Christina, Evan, Chris and Michael — spend two months with us here in Bali as interns.

Now, for many the word ‘intern’ conjures images of a diligent and aspirational student hoping for a crash course in their future profession, but who ends up dismally disappointed as most of their internship is spent fetching coffee orders. We wholeheartedly believe that an internship at Livit is the exact opposite. Read on to find out why.

Could it get any more hands-on than this?

From June to July this year, Christina, Evan, and Michael spent a few days at the Hub each week in between making the most of their time in Bali, often checking in remotely for catch up sessions and workshops. As with all our immersive learning and training programs, the workshops comprised a stimulating mix of sessions on startup creation, entrepreneurship, project management, marketing, and remote work concepts and tools, as well as sessions designed to optimize the students’ ability to land their dream job, such as mock job interviews.  

For genuine, hands-on, practical experience in entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship (the latter of which we define as entrepreneurship within an existing organization for the purpose of innovation), the interns supported the operations of Livit’s growth and marketing teams throughout the program.

In particular, they were assigned to two of the startups we work with as Growth Partner: Flexbike, a recently launched booking management and advertising platform for scooter suppliers and those looking to rent scooters across Southeast Asia; and Immortal Games, an edtech startup striving to change the way history is taught in schools through the development of interactive, immersive games.

The interns supported Flexbike through growth strategies, door-to-door sales and WhatsApp campaigns, and played a critical role in helping the platform secure its initial five suppliers and first 100 scooters. At the same time, they supported Immortal Games through growth strategies, marketing initiatives, and utilizing UX principles to create a redesign for its website. They also assisted with the MVP of the startup’s newest release, The History Project, by supporting outreach for the game, advertising, client base establishment, and feedback collection.

At no stage were the interns simply observing or shadowing the Livit team members — all those who take part in our Immersive Entrepreneurship Academy become Livit team members. 

Harnessing the power of trends

Recognizing the immense value of identifying and analyzing emerging trends in our digital era, the interns also collaborated on the creation of a comprehensive trends report, which they titled “Transformative AI-Driven Trends in Transportation, Work, and Sustainability for a Smarter Future”. 

In the introduction to their report, Christina, Evan and Michael wrote that it “thoroughly explores AI’s far-reaching impact on various aspects of everyday life and the potential it holds to unlock a realm of possibilities.” Its crucial focus areas are how AI will revolutionize the transportation industry; redefine the way we work; and address the pressing issues of sustainability and decentralized energy. Most importantly, it gives recommendations for entrepreneurs and businesses on how they can best leverage AI across each of the focus areas.

The eight-week self-directed research project enabled the interns to hone a wide array of skills, including the crucial trichotomy of concrete thinking vs abstract thinking vs critical thinking; data collection and analysis; how to identify patterns more efficiently; as well as problem solving, creativity, and storytelling. Before submitting the report for the Livit team’s feedback, the students presented their findings in a one-hour online presentation, further sharpening their content delivery skills.

After spending eight weeks as part of the Livit team, here’s what the interns had to say:

“I wanted to say thanks again for all of your guidance and teaching over the past two months. I learned so much about growing businesses, how to optimize myself to clients and employers, and so much else. All will benefit me greatly in the future.”

– Michael Squires 

“I would like to thank you for this wonderful experience. I know as a group we were not easy, but I found this whole experience incredibly helpful and fun. Livit is an awesome company and I was so happy to roleplay being a member for these eight weeks… I cannot believe how fast it flew by! You are a great mentor and I have learned so much from you, so I wanted to make sure I emphasized my gratitude for you.”

– Evan Burkert

Would you also benefit from an internship at Livit?

If you’re a university student dreaming of becoming an entrepreneur, a young entrepreneur thinking of founding your own startup, or a startup founder wanting to scale up while also satisfying your lifestyle needs, the Immersive Entrepreneurship Academy could be exactly what you need to put the wind in your sails.

To find out how you can experience it too, please get in touch!

Agnes Kay

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