Happy Team Hack

Enhance your team's happiness and wellbeing to increase productivity at work by joining our Happy Team Hack Course!

When your teams’ wellbeing is managed and maximized effectively you develop a productive workforce – making your business one that people want to join! 

Companies who have a happy and engaged workforce, benefit from:

  • 65% greater share-price increase
  • 26% less employee turnover
  • 100% more unsolicited employment applications
  • 20% less absenteeism
  • 15% greater employee productivity
  • 30% greater customer satisfaction levels.

At Livit, we’ve been remote-capable since our inception in the early 2010s, and we have “birthed” and nurtured a well-rounded portfolio of other distributed or hybrid teams, some of which scaled to 100+ team members. In the process, we’ve learned a lot of things that work, many that don’t, and we’d love to share.

Evgeniya Nemkova, CEO/Founder, Belarus
Evgeniya Nemkova
"We've worked with Livit on improving our prioritisation & streamlining workflows, automating processes, and we implemented Holacracy as our system for organisational governance. We made a step toward being a “calm organisation”, which makes work more efficient and more enjoyable. We have increased our revenue, as we are able to run several courses in parallel."

Education Trajectories Center is an online school that teaches soft skills and offers certifications in partnership with 3 Universities. Founded: 2016, 11-50 employees. E-Learning, Belarus, Self-funded

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Why Livit?

We recently got selected as a Great Place To Work®

100% of our employees say Livit is a great place to work compared to 53% of employees at a typical global company.

We’ve helped build remote teams across regions and industries.

Livit has successfully recruited talent for tech, finance, sales, HR and marketing positions, for companies of different sizes from across the globe.

We have an expertise-focused, flat-fee approach.

Regular recruiters who charge percentage commissions tend to be more interested in making profits than in finding the right person. Our fixed-rate structure allows us to focus on finding the ideal candidate for the job.

We become part of your team.

Regular recruiters also act like contractors, striving for their own personal interest. Our approach is to become your temporary partners, helping you increase happiness and productivity levels within your organization.

We have a strategic methodology.

We strive to ensure long-term success through all of our services. We focus on gaining a deep understanding of our partner’s goals before making any suggestions.

Learning objectives

  • How to facilitate productive online meetings which in turn, gets you a happier remote team
  • How to use Asana, OKRs to get on top of everything and manage async performance.
  • Increase employee engagement and retention by. increasing efficiency and implementing systems including feedback.
Rune Orndrup, CFO and CoFounder of CathVision, Copenhagen, Denmark
Rune Ørndrup
"Livit has supported our recruitment for 6 months, to scale the tech team fast. We have recruited several low to senior level software developers and other functions. Livit has provided top-end services and I am happy to work with the Livit Team as an integrated part of CathVision people and recruitment."

CathVision develops innovative products for cardiac ablation therapy. Founded: 2010, 11-50 employees, MedTech, Medical Device, Denmark. 2020 – New Investment Round of 13M Euro

Who is this course for?

  • Visionary company owners who run an international remote team of less than 50 employees.

Core content

  • Goal
  • Examples of what success looks like
  • Timeline of how long it’s going to take
  • Measure that success
  • What to avoid
  • How to make the most of this course

Problems this course solves

  • Lack of alignment
  • Lack of goals and expectations
  • Too many meetings
  • Lack or misuse of tools 
  • Lack of feedback
  • Lack of quality praise and criticism

We’re in the middle of productizing a batch of trainings at Livit and we’d love to hear your opinion.

If we were to create a course to help ambitious business owners improve team performance and wellbeing, would you be interested in taking it? Or would you want your employer/manager to attend this course?


We are happy to address your doubts or schedule a free 30-min consultation!