Get ready for 100% unplugged time off Hit By The Bus or by Burnout -

Get ready for 100% unplugged time off
Hit By The Bus or by Burnout

Livit UnpluggedGet ready for 100% unplugged time off

When Remote Work was exotic, various managers looked to recreate the office using time trackers and other productivity tools. The massive adoption of remote work shows that burnout is a way bigger challenge to tackle. Keeping that in mind, we are finishing up an interesting exercise in our organization, which we would love to share with everyone. 

Creating brief instructions for others to replace you for a few days (just in case) you are aka “Hit By The Bus” brings extra value to the whole company. By lining up Plans B, C & D you’re freeing yourself up to take a sick day, slow day or disconnect fully during your vacation. Let’s chop it into smaller steps to see exactly what we did internally.

  • Purpose of this exercise: 

    The aim is for all Team Leads to create their “Hit by the Bus/100% unplugged” guides. Once those are ready each Team Lead oversees his/her team in creating their own guides. So how did we achieve this? 

Action Plan + Timeline for 100% unplugged time off

Week one – Share all the necessary material to be used as a reference and draft your own “Hit by the Bus” guides in this first week. 

Week two – Have a Q&A workshop with all Team Leads—everyone presents their guide, discusses them, shares ideas and addresses questions.

Week three – Time for all Team Leads to submit their guides and start the same process with their team. By that, we mean you will replicate the same process and lead it within your circle/team.

 Week four and five – Each team/department works independently so that by the end of the month every team member has the final draft of their “Hit by the Bus/100% Unplugged” submitted.

How much time does it actually take?

  1. Creating a short and workable 2-pager took us one week of thinking (although putting it down took no more than 60 min);
  2. We had a Q&A call to discuss the process (60 min live) ;
  3. Testing your instruction with peers. This is the final stage where you ask people who may replace you for a few days to execute what they are supposed to do according to the instructions or access tools/files. (Probably another 60 min).;

Helpful tools: 

  • Basic: And if you like the structure of our file, here it is for you! Please make a copy and create your own.
  • Pro: If you would rather use software for this—Trainual are absolute rock stars on this topic.
  • Geeks: Or for more tech-driven companies Confluence could be a solution.

Enjoy your 100% unplugged time off.

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