Feast & Focus: Merge Productivity and Pleasure with Our Coworking and Buffet Lunch in Sanur - Liv.it

Feast & Focus: Merge Productivity and Pleasure with Our Coworking and Buffet Lunch in Sanur

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Imagine an oasis where the ambient hum of productivity meets the tantalizing aroma of a sumptuous buffet. Welcome to Livit Hub Bali, where we’re flipping the script on traditional workspaces and serving a little extra on the side.

In the serene environment of Sanur, we’re thrilled to introduce our latest promo designed to spice up your workweek-October Special: Work & Eat Away!

Work Smart, Lunch Heartily

For just IDR 190,000, enjoy a blend of our Daily Basic Coworking & Buffet Lunch offering, meticulously curated to fuse a burst of flavors into your workdays, ensuring that each moment spent within our walls is not just productive, but also deliciously memorable!


What’s on the Menu?

  • A Scrumptious Buffet: Engage in work while awaiting a hearty buffet lunch, promising a wide selection of options to satiate your midday cravings.
  • High-speed Wifi: Breeze through your tasks without interruption, thanks to our robust internet connectivity supplied by 3 ISPs. Because let’s face it, a lag-free environment is non-negotiable.
  • Flexible Desk Options: Choose your spot in our cozy café area or take your tasks to new heights on our rooftop, accommodating whatever vibe fuels your focus.

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Mind the Details:

  • When: Make your weekdays a bit more fabulous from Monday to Friday throughout the splendid month of October.
  • For the Vegans: Our buffet boasts an array of delectable vegan options to ensure everyone finds something to savor.
  • All-Inclusive Pricing: At IDR 190,000 net, our prices embrace 11% VAT, meaning no hidden surprises!

Why Just Work, When You Can Work & Eat Away?

At Livit Hub Bali, we believe every workday should be a celebration of progress and flavor, weaving together vibrant working spaces and enticing meals. Our goal is to create an atmosphere where your weekdays are not merely endured but enjoyed with every sense delighted.

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Reserve Your Space!

Ready to meld productivity and palatability in the ultimate coworking experience? Reserve your spot and look forward to weekdays where your tasks and tastebuds are equally satisfied!

Upon online payment, our front desk team will message you on WhatsApp to confirm your visit date. Your Daily Basic Coworking access remains valid for 24 hours on your chosen day, with lunch served from 12:30 PM – 2:00 PM.

Inquiries? We’re All Ears!

In the spirit of keeping things breezy and straightforward, we’re here for all your questions via WhatsApp, Monday to Friday, from 9 AM – 6 PM. Your smooth experience, from click to clink, is our priority.

Cheers to a month where every bite is a little journey and every work session a step towards your goals! Let’s make your workdays a lively and luscious adventure at Livit Hub Bali.

Raymond Hasiholan

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