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Everything you need to know about Livit, services, our values and how you can get to work with us.

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How to Apply for a Business License in Indonesia? How to get Kitas? Family&Work travel and much more.

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Live the (Entrepreneurial) Bali life! Experience a remote work dream at Livit Hub Bali, 5-stars accommodation and join the Livit ecosystem.

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How to hire FIVE Developers by yesterday? Recruitment Automation and Strategic & HR Business Partner Services in Tech.

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Livit is a startup studio, a support ecosystem and service provider for entrepreneurs, remote workers, and startup teams. Livit is an umbrella that has several different brands, projects, teams, and initiatives underneath it.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Livit Services

Most frequent questions and answers about Livit, the startup studio.
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Our mission and our reason for existing as a company were always to inspire and enable entrepreneurs, their teams, and remote workers to build disruptive businesses, projects, and careers that impact the world in a positive way.

Livit is incorporated in Bali, Indonesia, as well as Tallinn, Estonia.  Livit also has partner companies in Switzerland, Denmark, and the United States. Livit considers Bali to be its headquarter. Livit runs Livit Hub Bali, the literal brick-and-mortar part of its business. 

Normalize Responding to email and chat a few times a day instead of being tethered to this app by an invisible umbilical cord. Normalize focus time when one is unreachable unless there’s truly an emergency, and have a red button for that, like calling someone on the phone when it’s truly an emergency. Normalize notifications off, being offline, and not responding in real time to everything.  Watch the video for a detailed answer.

There are 6 services that Livit offers right now:

  1.  Livit Hub Bali, which is a coworking, shared offices, and event space.
  2. Curated retreats and workations for entrepreneurs and teams via a branch called Project Getaway.
  3. A boutique tech recruitment agency with fractional international HR services
  4. Training and consultancy on entrepreneurship, building high-performance, engaged, scalable, remote-capable teams.
  5. Business support services such as legal, logistics, finance, and admin.
  6. Remote Skills Academy is an education platform for Indonesians who want to learn to work remotely.
  1. Minimize the meta work;
  2. Low drama;
  3. Build to last;

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If you are a foreigner and want to set up a company in Indonesia, there are several requirements that you need to fulfill. One of them is having a minimum capital investment of IDR 10 billion, or around $700,000.

Company registration Indonesia | How to Apply for a Business License in Indonesia | Business in Bali

Frequently Asked Questions about Indonesian Business Law and Immigration System

Most frequent questions and answers about business in indonesia, immigration law, visas, kitas and many more.
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The regulation is clear. If you are a foreigner and want to set up a company in Indonesia, there are several requirements that you need to fulfill. First: One of them is having a minimum capital investment of IDR 10 billion, or around $700,000. Besides that, you also have to have all your licenses, which is the one that is only open to our companies. We do have a negative list in Indonesia. This means that only local companies can apply for business licenses in those areas.

Livit is one of the startup ecosystems located in Bali. Livit is a part of the bigger ecosystem that supports startups in Indonesia. Livit caters to all kinds of clients looking to set up their company in Bali.

Can not employ more expats than locals in Indonesia. Every time you hire an expat, there’s a ratio between local and expat that you need to fulfill. For every expat you need to hire 5 locals. Besides that, for every working visa for an expat, there needs to be someone that will accompany those expats in terms of getting knowledge from the expat themselves.

There are two main types of visas. The first one is VOA. If you’re looking to stay or visit for a short period of time, VOA or Visa on Arrival is available for citizens from around 72 countries around the world. You can also try a B211A Visa, which is a business or tourist visa. With a business and tourist visa, you have to apply for it before you enter Indonesia.

How to start a business in Indonesia?

There are a lot of ways for you to enter Indonesia as an expat. Indonesia provides business and visiting visas for tourists. Indonesia also has VOA (Visa on arrival) for around 72 countries. If you are a citizen of those countries, you can enter Indonesia with a visa on arrival. With this visa, you can enter and explore the Indonesian market in person. You can take a look and have a feel if it’s the right environment for your business. And then, after you find all of the information that you need, you can exit the country and re-enter Indonesia with a working visa. Unlike what people would say, it’s actually an easy process to come to Indonesia as long as you are well-prepared and informed. But if you’re looking for a truly seamless experience, you can always reach out to us, and we can take care of all of your travel preparation.

There are two types of long-tern visas in Indonesia. The first one is the investor visa. Once your company is established, you are qualified to apply for a kitas visa. This visa will expire in around one to two years before you will have to renew it. The second one is a work visa. A work visa is a visa that you can get If you work for a company that is based in Indonesia, the company will support and endorse you so you can stay for a longer term in Indonesia. This visa is renewed every year or until your work contract ends.

Bali is a very unique place in Indonesia. You can have access to a lot of people who want to stay in Bali. Most of those people come from all over the world. In Indonesia, especially in Bali, you have the chance to access those talents and hire them. They are willing to be hired once they’re in Bali. They want to work in Bali, and they want to live in Bali. Bali is also a melting pot of many cultures. It’s a small ecosystem where you can have a feel of the world because there are so many people with different backgrounds and, therefore, cultures in Bali.

Livit Hub Bali is a 4-floor Sanur’s Best Coworking Space, a 5-minute walk to the seafront! Livit hub offers high-speed Internet, Skype rooms, 24/7 for members, ergonomic chairs & AC, 360° view Rooftop. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about Livit Hub

Livit Hub Bali is a four-storey building, and you can access different floors depending on your package. First up is Cafe Coworking, where you can work from the cafe area, which includes free coffee, tea, and mineral water. 

The second one is Cafe Coworking+:  you will have all of our Cafe Coworking benefits and access to our famous rooftop! The third one is our Premium Coworking with unlimited flex desk access. You can work intensively from any spot! You may also use the meeting rooms and our three Skype rooms, so you won’t have to worry about privacy or background noise while on a call. Additionally, there is a lovely balcony with beanbags and other perks, including access to the snack station, laundry, and free community events.

Get inspired, run a hackathon from the Livit Hub Bali, drink a coconut, get more work done, and live your best life. Do it all at once! Project Getaway by Livit is a curated coworking retreat for entrepreneurs and teams who are looking to make a positive impact through their work. Share your life with an international community of like-minded people and get the expert support you need to take your startup, business or team to the next level. Book a call with us!

Yes, Livit Hub Bali has a list of accommodations around Sanur. For instance, a studio room with pool access starts at IDR 3 million per month! Download our FREE Sanur Travel Guide to get details.

Depending on the number of attendees and the type of event, Livit Hub Bali has a few alternatives for you. Up to 50 people can sit in our café area, which is located on the first floor and has a lovely alfresco setting. The Candidasa Room, which can accommodate up to 10, and the Lovina Room, which can accommodate up to 20, are both located on the third level. The capacity is up to 40 people if we combine the two rooms. The third floor’s privacy and air conditioning make it the ideal location for seminars, lectures, or even conferences!

The rooftop with a 360-degree view is located on the fourth floor and is one of the greatest in Sanur. It has a capacity of 80 people.

You’ll have access to a flip chart and markers, a whiteboard, a high-speed internet connection, a screen and projector, and free water, coffee, and tea if you reserve one of these spaces.

Yes, it is possible. However, it depends on availability. Livit’s Hub Bali meeting room costs IDR 150K/per hour, and our Skype room is IDR 55K per hour.

No, the Livit Hub Bali membership is not transferable.

Is Livit Hub Bali open 24/7?

Yes, after you sign up as a member, Livit Hub Bali is open 24/7. The reception is open on weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm, and you may settle your membership during those hours, after which you will have 24-hour access to the facilities.

Live the (Entrepreneurial) Bali life! Experience a remote work dream at Livit Hub Bali, 5-stars accommodation and join the Livit ecosystem.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Work From Bali

Most frequent questions and answers about the (Entrepreneurial) Bali life, remote work dream at Livit Hub Bali, 5-stars accommodation and the Livit ecosystem.

By buying the Work from Bali Package, you are getting the:

  • Coworking Space. It’s no secret that working in an environment with the right equipment can help boost productivity. We provide perfectly-lit spaces packed with perks such as ergonomic chairs, multipurpose rooms, AC, standing desks, hammocks, video conference rooms, and even snack stations.
  • Community of like-minded individuals from all over the world. Livit Hub Bali is where entrepreneurs, startup founders, digital nomads, and remote workers gather to work and connect. You’ll be able to network with some of the most inspiring people on the island and potentially partner with them on future endeavours!
  • Meals by the Kitchen House Cafe.  Asian and Western flavours fuse masterfully in our abode of health and taste. Enjoy our brekkie and lunch creations that will keep you going for hours or if we’ve wet your appetite, look at our epic buffet and crank up your energy for a full day of productivity and fun.
  • Accommodation in Bali. You don’t have to worry about living arrangements because we’re going to prepare accommodation that is only a 3-minute walk from Livit Hub Bali with a private terrace!
  • Exclusive Activities. Do you want to explore Bali? Let us take care of it! Bali is a treasure trove of adventure; we are here to help you find your way around. Our services cover everything from travel planning to island exploration so that nothing falls between the cracks! You don’t need to worry about a thing. We can arrange everything for you!

At Livit Hub, we’re taking coworking to a whole new level: You can take advantage of our brand new combo membership which allows you to work at Livit Hub Bali and work out at The Paradise Bali at a special price which starts from IDR 360,000.

And there’s a 20% discount for KTP, KITAS and KITAB holders!⁠ Lern more.

Yes, of course! At Livit Hub Bali, we provide three soundproof video conferencing booths to create audiovisual material. All booths are equipped with additional lighting, ideal for recording YouTube videos, teaching online, or attending an online meeting.

Female Bali entrepreneurs organize monthly events at Livit’s Hub Bali Rooftop. Aulia Halimatussadiah is the Founder & Co-Managing Director of Girls in Tech Indonesia. Also one of the initiators of StartupLokal, Indonesia’s biggest startup community since 2011. Llia is Livit’s Hub Bali permanent resident.

Livit’s Tech Recruitment Service offers two approaches to hiring the best people: Recruitment Automation and Full Recruitment Services. Learn more.

How to hire five developers by yesterday? Livit FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Livit's Tech Recruitment

Most frequent questions and answers about Livit's Tech Recruitment Services, how to hire 5 developers by yesterday, Recruitment Automation and Strategic & HR Business Partner Services in Tech.

What are most recruited tech profiles in Livit?

The most popular tech profiles in Livit are: C# Developers, Full-stack engineers, SQA Engineers, 3D/2D Artists, UX/UI Designers, Scientific content writers, Frontend Developers, IOS Developers, Android Developers, Python Developers, DevOps, Data Scientists.

What are Livit's Recruitment Services?

Livit’s Tech Recruitment Service offers two approaches to hiring the best people: Recruitment Automation and Full Recruitment Services. Learn more.

What are most are recruited non-tech profiles in Livit?

The most popular non-tech profiles in Livit are Business Development and Sales, Finance Marketing, and Operations/HR.

Why Livit is a Great Place To Work®?

Livit is officially a certified Great Place To Work®, People-First Organization, and one of the 2% most engaged teams in the world according to Office Vibe.

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