Innovation Meetup

Innovation Meetup

Learn innovation best practices in three meetups

Why do certain organizations outperform, out-innovate, and out-smart entire industries while others can’t even catch-up? Why are some individuals seemingly so much more gifted, creative, and innovative than others? What can we learn from the trailblazers, the best and the brightest, and, what exactly causes these extraordinary people to invent the future and lead the path forward? 

For the first time in Bali, a culmination of battle tested innovation best practices will be presented in a series of three meetups exploring the causality of innovation, the concepts critical to outsmart the rest, and the key innovator tools to outcompete everyone else in the field. You will learn through a mixture of presentationsdiscussions, and practical hands-on exercises you need to apply the tools and best practices to your own goals and projects. And then, you are welcome to join the social gathering with other participants while enjoying the sunset on our rooftop.

This series of meetups is taking place at Livit Hub Bali, and will be streamed and recordedRecordings will be available 24h after the event ends.

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Trust in Leadership

Innovation manifests human ingenuity by how we consider, invent, try, and test new ideas to solve challenges and answer questions of our time. Human ingenuity, however, is fragile, vulnerable and, above all, requires trust and leadership. 

In this very first hands-on innovation meetup, we explore the intersection between trust, responsibility and leadership, and determine why innovation requires a very different kind of leadership.

Perception Paradox

Immunity to change has its roots in the perplexing paradox that acting differently requires thinking differently; but how can we think differently if all of our perception flows through a fundamental assumption that interprets it? 

This workshop explores the perception paradox and the intersection between reality and the inversion of certainty to create the space in which creativity flows, innovation occurs, and curiosity flourishes.

Prosperity Paradox

Why is it that some innovations cause immense wealth creation for individuals, companies or even nations, and other innovations only keep the inventor poor? Why is it that innovation does not equal wealth and wealth does not lead to innovation? 

This workshop explores the innovator’s dilemma when entering the marketplace and elaborates on the prosperity paradox.

Marvin F. L. Hansen

Marvin is the founder and director of Emet-labs, a fintech research organization specializing in digital asset management and advanced computational causality applied to quantitative risk management. 

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Previously, he worked as the head of quantitative research for an investment technology company focusing on applied artificial intelligence in the financial industry with a specialization in automated trading systems. He invented the Quantum Portfolio Management system and built a next-generation automatic trading engine on Kubernetes. 

Before that, he worked as an assistant at Harvard University, supporting leadership and organizational behavior courses. He holds three degrees in computer science and a master’s degree in management from Harvard. He has won the international fellowship, holds multiple professional certificates in quantitative trading, a professional certificate in disruptive innovation from Harvard Business School, and he completed the competitive “Deep Technology Bootcamp” at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2019. 

In 2020, he got admitted to the selective Harvard Innovation Lab to advance novel graph-based causality inference methods. He then studied automated trading systems under the four-time world champion. In 2021 he completed his first professional certificate in quantum computing thanks to a generous fellowship from IBM. In his precious spare time, Marvin dances the Argentine Tango.


All events and meetups are free for Livit Hub Bali members. If you’re not a member and would like to join, the fee is IDR 50K—includes a welcome drink during the networking part of our event.

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This event will be streamed on Youtube and recorded

Recordings will be available 24h after the event ends.

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