Online workshop:

How To Have Better Meetings

A highly practical and interactive online workshop for founders, team leads, project managers and future of work enthusiasts who want to make work better.

At Livit, we’ve been working remotely for 10+ years and built dozens of remote teams working across the globe on highly successful businesses, some valued at 200+ million USD.

The Livit team itself is currently working remotely from 5+ different countries, it is ranked amongst the 2% happiest and most engaged company teams across 90 countries in the world and is it a certified Great Place to Work®.

A big part of being able to innovate, build, be efficient and move fast has been our intentionally curated meeting culture.

Speaker: Lavinia Iosub, Managing Partner at Livit International and Founder of the Remote Skills Academy.

The workshop is taking place on Tuesday, July 13th at 4 PM Bali & Singapore time/ 3 PM Jakarta time/ 8 AM GMT / 10 AM CET.

Lavinia Iosub

What you'll learn & take away

  • How did we get to the current climate best described as a “tyranny of long, unnecessary meetings” – unpacking the causes, factors
  • Questions to ask to figure out if a meeting is needed (and when ‘that meeting could have been an email’)
  • How to implement GAAP, no-meeting days, etc
  • How to deal with Zoom fatigue
  • The many other options you can pick from instead of having a meeting
  • Simple, actionable steps to transition to a better meeting culture for your team
  • Less unnecessary meetings = more space for international team connection – how to?
  • Live challenge: show me 10 meetings, I’ll show you how to get rid of 8 of them
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Date & time

Tuesday, July 13th, 2021

4 PM Bali & Singapore time

3 PM Jakarta time



Duration: 1h 15’


Pay as you wish, all proceeds go to supporting Remote Skills Academy, an impact-focused education project where Indonesians learn to work remotely and build careers online. 

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