Customizing Your Career

Customizing Your Career

Online workshop: Customizing Your Career Based On Your Authentic Interests & Experiences

Career choice is driven by many factors. Among them are the practical concerns of salary and employment prospects, as well as the valued advice from educators and family.

Interest in a particular industry or type of work may be the deciding factor for some – and for good reason – pursuing a career choice based on interests can lead to personal satisfaction and professional success.

Join us to learn how to customize your career based on your authentic interests and experiences!

Speaker: Alexandra Allen, Learning Strategist, Writer & Instructional Designer

Alexandra Allen helps experts and organizations create custom training programs, courses & workshops.

She’s a freelance Learning Strategist, Writer & Instructional Designer.

She’s currently working with several clients in Canada and the US, including Maven, District 3 Innovation & Concordia University.

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What we will talk about:

One of life’s greatest riches is doing work that nourishes our curiosity.

The problem is we often get stuck trying to imagine what our ideal career would look like.

But as Steve Jobs said “you can’t connect the dots looking forward”. We must reflect on past experiences to identify trends in what we’ve enjoyed, in order to identify what we’d enjoy going forward.

The purpose of this session is to spark ideas as to how you can leverage your unique combination of experiences to customize your career for financial and creative success.

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Date & time

Tuesday, December 7th, 2021

9 AM Bali & Singapore time

8 AM Jakarta time




Duration: 1h

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