Changing Career In The Times Of Pandemic

Online workshop:

Changing Careers In The Time Of Corona

The only constant thing in life is change. This pandemic has accelerated that process and forced a majority of people into a career change.

Are you asking yourself one of these questions:
  • Shouldn’t I get more satisfaction from my work?
  • I became redundant, how should I reskill quickly?
  • Is it a good idea (or decision) to make a career shift in this uncertain time?
The short answer to all above is yes.


Agnes Kay is a Business Development Manager at Livit International, Recruitment and B2B Sales expert. She does everything to accelerate the growth of Tech Startups and SMEs across Asia. She also recruits senior techno-commercial talents, and builds inside sales and lead generation processes.

This workshop is a part of the program we are serving to our members to support them in Learning & Development.

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In this workshop we will:

  • have a quick look at industries that are thriving during the pandemic
  • get backstage tips from a recruiter’s perspective (over the last year we have recruited 300+ professionals for different Tech Industries),
  • hear Agnes’ personal experience of changing industry 3 times in one decade of her career.
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Date & time

Tuesday, July 27th, 2021

4 PM Bali & Singapore time

3 PM Jakarta time



Duration: 1h 15’ 

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