April Events

April Events

Welcome to our Sharing is Caring events for
April 2023!

Join us for a series of inspiring and informative events designed for entrepreneurs, startups, and scaleups. Each session will feature expert speakers who will share their knowledge and insights on various topics to help you succeed in your ventures.

Here’s what we have in store for you this month:

Sharing Is Caring: Remote Workplace Trends in 2023: Fewer, Better Meetings & More

April 4th, 2023
4:30 PM - 5:45 PM Bali time via Zoom
Lavinia Iosub, the Managing Partner of Livit International, founder of Remote Skills Academy, and a founding member of Remote-First Institute, will be giving a 1-hour talk on the latest workplace trends. The talk will cover the future of work, 2023 remote & hybrid workplace trends, the meeting epidemic, and a solution to improve productivity.
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Sharing Is Caring: Audience of One: How to Start a Podcast and Grow Your Tribe from Zero

April 13th, 2023
4:00 PM - 5:30 PM Bali time at Livit Hub Bali
In this workshop, you will learn from Gabe Marusca's experiences and gain valuable insights on how to start a podcast without prior experience, overcome personal challenges, and grow your audience from zero. The practical tips and easy-to-use tools shared in this workshop will help aspiring podcasters jumpstart their journey with confidence.
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IMG_2272 (4) - Lavinia Iosub

Lavinia Iosub

Managing Partner at Livit International, Founder of Remote Skills Academy, & Founding Member of Remote-First Institute

Gabe Marusca - Gabriel Adrian Marușca

Gabe Marusca

Founder of Digital Finest &
The Nomad Solopreneur


All events and meetups are FREE for Livit Hub Bali members. If you’re not a member and would like to join us, the IDR 55K fee includes a welcome drink during the networking part of our event.

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