Culture First by Lavinia Iosub -

Culture First by Lavinia Iosub

When we design more purposeful organisations and lifestyles, we shape a more positive, balanced, sustainable future. I have spent the last ~10 years becoming an expert in the mindset, practices and tools to make that happen and I am always excited to share.

At Livit, the company I currently run, we support entrepreneurs, remote workers and startup teams in building innovative businesses, careers, and lifestyles, that fully align with this intense digitization era and the best interests of our societies - and planet.

My fields of expertise are: new ways of working, modern leadership, human capital development, remote work culture, work-life balance, conscious entrepreneurship.
5 Things We Do To Keep Team Aligned, Happy & Engaged

5 Things We Do at Livit To Keep Our Remote Team Aligned, Happy & Engaged As most of us would know by now, regular remote …

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What Makes A Workation Successful? - photo of the team
19 Tools We Can’t Live Without At Livit

We’re exaggerating, of course, we could probably live without these, but our lives and work would be bumpier, less streamlined, and definitely sadder. The Livit …

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Free Help For Newly Remote Teams

Free Help For Newly Remote Teams From Experts Working & Building Remotely For 10 Years The #COVID19 pandemic has cancelled most of everyone’s plans for …

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On Remote Work As A Privilege, COVID-19, Bali, & The Indonesians

You have probably heard the term remote work referring to certain jobs. Over the last decades, technology and globalization have tremendously changed how work ‘works’. …

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Toompea hill with tower Pikk Hermann and Russian Orthodox Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, view from the tower of St. Olaf church, Tallinn, Estonia
Starting A Location-Independent Company Registered via the E-Residency in Estonia

I previously wrote about what the e-residency program is here and how I became one here. After becoming an e-resident, the next step I took …

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How I became an Estonian e-Resident

My previous article on the topic summarizes what e-Residency is and what benefits convinced me to acquire it. As mentioned, the first step to run …

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What is this e-Residency thing & why would you get one?

Estonian e-Residency. You might have heard other entrepreneurs or freelancers talk about it, or might have seen news on the topic. While it has always …

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FUTURE Of WORK emplloyee
Embracing the future of work as an employee – part 1

Work is changing and it will never be the same. But that’s good news! We’ve talked more about this here. The question is —how do you …

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future business
Embracing the future of work as an entrepreneur

Work will never be the same. We’ve talked more about this here. Lavinia expands her idea by applying the second option, embracing the future of …

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