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‘Four floors of coworking heaven’: My experience working at the Livit Hub

Experience the coworking paradise at Livit Hub Bali through the eyes of Julia Winterflood. Explore the meticulously designed workspace, breathtaking views, and delightful amenities that create a productive and comfortable environment. Discover the little acts of kindness and the vibrant community that make Livit Hub a truly exceptional coworking destination.

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the impact of digital communication and remote work
The impact of digital communication: 3 issues to overcome

Remote employees can struggle with a lack of engagement, loneliness, and burnout. It’s a universal experience in the digital age of communication. How can we …

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What in the world is a fractional executive?

This article provides a guide to fractional executives, including what they are and how they can help startups grow. It explores the benefits of engaging the services of a fractional executive, as well as the pros and cons.

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Self-management & why we self-approve time off work at Livit
Self-management & why we self-approve time off work at Livit

We’ve all been there: penciled in dates with family and friends, calculated the number of days, then carefully completed a leave request form. Once submitted …

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Too many meetings
5 Signs You’re Having Too Many Meetings & How To Fix That

Are you having too many meetings? Do you feel like your workdays are filled with back-to-back meetings, leaving you with little time to actually get …

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Freelancing abroad
Unleash Your Potential: A Quick Guide to Freelancing Abroad in 2023

An online survey conducted by Fiverr and Censuswide found that in the U.S. alone, 66% of workers are continuing or planning to begin freelancing. 78% …

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Internship in Bali at Livit
Internship in Bali: Top 3 Greatest Differences between Corporate London and Coworking in Bali

Here are the top three differences I have found while beginning an internship in Bali. Bali is a hub of creative thinkers and doers. Here …

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Annual Performance Review - Culture vs KPIs
Honest Annual Performance Review in 2023

Sources point to the military origin of an Annual Performance Review, although it should be about far more than looking at KPIs and renegotiating salaries.

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5 Reasons to Work from Bali Blog Post
5 Simple Reasons Why I Left My Corporate Job

Work from Bali: 5 Simple Reasons Why I Left My Corporate Job & Decided To Work from Sanur. These are the 5 reasons why I left my high-paying corporate job in Jakarta.

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