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Coworking in Sanur vs Canggu vs Ubud: Which location is best for you?
Explore the distinct coworking experiences of Ubud, Canggu, and Sanur in Bali. This guide compares the unique elements of each location, helping remote workers choose ...
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Team Coworking in Bali: the 2024 Version of the Company Offsite
As more and more companies shift to partially or fully remote, company offsites and workations to bring distributed team members together for collaboration and connection ...
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Feast & Focus: Merge Productivity and Pleasure with Our Coworking and Buffet Lunch in Sanur
Indulge in a productive workday with a twist at Livit Hub Bali! Explore our October Special: Work & Eat Away, offering a delectable buffet lunch ...
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Want to support a greener, more inclusive Bali? Here’s how.
Discover how to support a more sustainable and inclusive Bali. Dive into a curated list of organizations, startups, and initiatives at the forefront of green ...
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‘Four floors of coworking heaven’: My experience at Livit Hub Bali
Experience the coworking paradise at Livit Hub Bali through the eyes of Julia Winterflood. Explore the meticulously designed workspace, breathtaking views, and delightful amenities that ...
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Using Indonesian phrases in Bali
55 basic but essential Indonesian phrases to navigate traveling or living in Bali
Learning these phrases will make your visit or stay in Bali more rewarding and help you interact with people as you explore the beautiful island. ...
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Top 20 Bali Workation do’s and dont’s
Here is a brief list of things to mind when planning your Bali Workation. Coming to this island you may be surprised by a few ...
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Why do you live in Sanur and work from Bali?
We asked a few Livit Hub members about their remote work experience and why do they live in Sanur and work from Bali and live ...
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Work from Bali Sanur
Work-Life Balance in Sanur
Livit Hub Bali is a coworking space where entrepreneurs, SMEs, and solopreneurs can simultaneously build their careers and social life, creating the work-life balance we ...
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