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Toompea hill with tower Pikk Hermann, Cathedral Church of Saint Mary Toomkirik and Russian Orthodox Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, view from the tower of St. Olaf church, Tallinn, Estonia
Running A Location-Independent Company Registered via the E-Residency in Estonia: First Year Summary
E-Residency in Estonia: First Year Summary We previously wrote about what the e-residency in Estonia is here, about becoming an e-resident here, and about opening ...
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5 Things We Do To Keep Team Aligned, Happy & Engaged
5 Things We Do at Livit To Keep Our Remote Team Aligned, Happy & Engaged As most of us would know by now, regular remote ...
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Location-Based Businesses are Dying. Here’s Their Replacement
Location-Based Businesses are Dying. Here’s Their Replacement Following a fascinating guest interview with Lavinia Iosub, Managing Partner of Livit on the Working From Home podcast, ...
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How to Create a Remote Work Culture That Fuels Performance
How to Create a Remote Work Culture
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How To Retain Talent: 5 Best Tips
How To Retain Talent? 75% of people who quit their roles do so because of their manager. This is by far the number one reason ...
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Building Virtual Relationships
Why It Is Important To Build Virtual Relationships To Avoid Isolation Remote working gives you lots of freedom. Not having to come to the office ...
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HR Automation: When HR Meets Tech
HR Automation Most HR professionals actively use technology to improve their recruitment strategies and minimize the time spent on menial tasks that used to be ...
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Learn From 35 Business Experts & Successful Entrepreneurs About Management
Without a doubt, one of the keys to business success is good management. No matter how skilled you and your team members are, without an ...
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What Makes A Workation Successful? - photo of the team
19 Tools We Can’t Live Without At Livit That Are Also Useful For Remote Teams
We’re exaggerating, of course, any remote teams or we could live without these, but our lives and work would be bumpier, less streamlined, and definitely ...
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