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Work from Bali Sanur
Work-Life Balance in Sanur
Livit Hub Bali is a coworking space where entrepreneurs, SMEs, and solopreneurs can simultaneously build their careers and social life, creating the work-life balance we ...
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Livit is a winner of The Escape 100!
This well-known campaign spotlights the top organisations to ‘escape’ to from traditional corporate careers, with great planet, people and mission policies The winners of The ...
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Welcome back: Bali is finally open for tourism again!
The Indonesian government has made it easier for both domestic and foreign tourists to visit Bali. The Indonesian Government in Bali has confirmed that effective ...
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Livit Hub Film Screening-925
What does it take to create an MVP?
We have supported the development of companies like Labster, Airhelp, Magloft, Mailbird and CathVision over the past decade. If we put it into numbers: Here ...
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Get ready for 100% unplugged time off – Hit By The Bus or by Burnout
Get ready for 100% unplugged time off
Hit By The Bus or by Burnout
Get ready for 100% unplugged time off: The aim is for all Team Leads to create their "Hit by the Bus/100% unplugged" guides. Once those ...
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Hybrid & Remote Work Expansion
Learn 16 ways to create an engaging workplace, remote or hybrid.
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Efficiency In The (Remote) Workplace – 10 Best Tips
How to have better meetings In our previous blog post, we’ve taught you how to get rid of 8 out of 10 recurring meetings that ...
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zoom fatigue
How to Avoid Having Unnecessary Meetings
Show us 10 meetings & we’ll help you get rid of 8 Meetings, in general, are intended to boost productivity and efficiency. They’re an inevitable ...
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The right to disconnect
The right to disconnect – or how to keep your team healthy, burnout-free and… alive Working remotely, as most of us have over the last ...
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