Bid Farewell to Onboarding Mayhem: A Quick Guide in Hiring Remote Teams

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With remote work on the rise, completing a recruiting and onboarding process without seeing the candidates in person presents a challenge that can be tricky to navigate. When a new member joins a team, the dynamic within that particular team shifts, and the way you handle it, especially when the team members mostly don’t see each other face to face will determine the success and productivity level of the team going forward.

As a recruiter, your responsibilities jump from orchestrating introductions to handling paperwork and setting expectations. There is a whirlwind of preparation leading up to remotely announcing the new team member on the office Slack channel (if you do it like how we do it at Livit) and those initial days are both exciting and nerve-wrecking. We mean, how do you make sure to be present despite the remote work set up to ensure the newcomers’ success and that they don’t get lost in your company’s digital jungle, when you also still have your own to-do-list to make sure the existing members (including yourself) are happy and productive? It’s enough to make a person’s head spin – and you’re not even the one starting the new role!

Now, why is an effective onboarding mission critical not just for recruiters but also managers?

Here are reasons why it matters:

  • Improved employee satisfaction. Effective onboarding helps new employees adapt to their roles, increasing job satisfaction and engagement. When new hires feel welcomed and well-prepared, they’re more motivated and committed, contributing to a positive and vibrant workplace.
  • Faster time-to-productivity. Learning curve is always daunting and can take a while to reduce. A well-structured onboarding process saves time and reduces the learning curve, allowing new hires to become productive more quickly. Say hello to peak performance!
  • Enhanced retention. New hires that follow a well-structured onboarding process are more likely to stay with the company, reducing turnover and the related costs of recruitment and training new employees.
  • Cultural alignment. Onboarding reinforces the company’s culture, ensuring that new employees align with the organization’s values and mission.
  • Reduced managerial burden. Spend less time on administrative tasks and get straight to getting things done, as streamlined onboarding processes automate many activities.
  • Better communication. Onboarding encourages open lines of communication, making it easier for managers to provide feedback and address concerns.
  • Cost-savings. Lower turnover rates and decreased time-to-productivity result in cost savings for the organization.

A quick cheat sheet for employee onboarding success

Your role as a recruiter or even team manager is crucial in the onboarding process but that doesn’t mean that you have to be over-worried and lose sleep over this. Here are some things you can pay attention to, to ensure a smooth onboarding.

  1. Plan ahead. Start with a well-structured onboarding plan. Define roles, responsibilities, and goals for the new hire’s initial weeks. Allocate resources, schedule team introductions, and create a clear roadmap.
  2. Communicate with clarity. Maintain open lines of communication from day one: clearly articulate job roles, expectations, and company culture. Encourage questions and provide regular feedback to keep everyone on the same page.
  3. Equip with the right technology and tools. Ensure new employees can access the necessary technology, software, and tools to perform their roles efficiently. A smooth transition into the tech stack is vital.
  4. Mentor and support. Assign a mentor or buddy to guide new employees through their initial days. This helps them adapt to the workplace culture, understand the company’s dynamics, and feel supported.
  5. Initiate learning and development. At Livit, our HR people are not HR people, if that makes sense. Yes, they do the hiring process but more importantly prioritizing on aligning the company’s objectives and culture with the employees and constantly come up with training, workshops, and updated budget that goes towards employees’ upskilling and improvement.
  6. Establish a feedback loop. Set up regular check-ins and feedback sessions. Collect feedback from new employees to understand their experiences and identify areas for improvement in the onboarding process. Use insights to make data-driven changes.
  7. Facilitate smooth team integration. Encourage team bonding and social interaction. Promote team members to welcome new colleagues and help them integrate seamlessly into the team. Team cohesion is key to a productive workplace.
  8. Share company principles and policies. Ensure that new employees receive proper compliance training. This includes workplace safety, anti-discrimination policies, and other legal requirements. Staying compliant is not only ethically responsible but also avoids legal issues.
  9. Think about long-term development. Remember that onboarding is just the beginning. Help new employees set long-term goals and create a clear path for their development within the organization. The journey doesn’t end after the initial training.

Now imagine this, there is a digital magic toolkit that could help streamlining your onboarding with a very detailed but easy-to-follow process, all in one template that is versatile and can be tailored to your onboarding needs, so recruiters to visionary business owners can use this to simplify the process of integrating new hires into their company.

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Simplifying Onboarding, Like Never Before

Navigating through the initial days and weeks in a new role can be a maze. This toolkit promises to turn that maze into a straight path with resources designed to untangle the complexities of onboarding:

  • Customizable Onboarding Checklist: No more last-minute scramble! Keep tasks and timelines neatly organized and in check.
  • Onboarding Timeline: A clear sight of what lies ahead with key milestones and training sessions mapped out for HR and the new crew.
  • First Week of Work Overview Template: A first week that’s clear, confident, and without any “what’s next?” moments.
  • Onboarding Presentation: A customizable intro to your company’s culture, ensuring values and policies aren’t just communicated but resonate.
  • Probation Period Template: Keep a close eye on progress without the paperwork mess, ensuring support is provided right where it’s needed.
  • Library of Onboarding Email Templates: Consistent, clear communication from day zero to day “you’re one of us now!”

Step into better (and more stress-free) first impressions

We’ve created the Ultimate Employee Onboarding Experience toolkit to smooth out those first-day jitters and pave the way for a welcoming, engaging start. It’s about offering a hand to your new hires while showing them the ropes in the most streamlined way possible. And saving you tens of hours in the process, so you can focus on delivering a great first impression to your new team mates!

We’re more than excited to have you embark on this journey with us, transforming the way we welcome new talent into our workspaces. So dive deep into the details on our Gumroad page or get in touch via our email at

Andrea Ghea

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