Accelerating toward an MVP in 7 weeks: Livit partners with and helps deliver the Disruptives Indonesia Incubator Program

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Always on a mission to help grow game-changing startups, Livit’s Managing Partner Lavinia Iosub and Business Consultant Manager Agnes Kay recently helped shape and deliver the seven-week Incubator Program coordinated by DISRUPTIVES Indonesia.

The dynamic and diverse program saw 15 startup teams access the support and mentorship needed to transform their disruptive ideas into a minimum viable product (MVP), with the top-tier projects receiving the opportunity to pitch to angel and pre-seed investors. 

Bringing their extensive experience in developing entrepreneurial skills and end-to-end project management, Lavinia and Agnes served as Mentors for the teams, while Agnes assisted with overall project management for the DISRUPTIVES Indonesia program, held at S21 Core Hub in Canggu.

The teams came from a wide array of industries, from fintech and fisheries traceability to e-commerce and event management. The cohort included one of Livit’s startup Growth Partners, Immortal Games, an edtech startup striving to change the way history is taught in schools through the development of interactive, immersive games.

As Incubator Program coordinator, DISRUPTIVES’ mission is to be an influential force in shaping and accelerating a progressive and sustainable blockchain ecosystem in Indonesia via the Internet Computer, and is the go-to place in the country for anything related to Internet Computer Protocol. (If you’re not yet familiar with the Internet Computer, it’s a World Computer blockchain that adds autonomous serverless cloud functionality to the public internet, making it possible to build almost any system or service entirely on a decentralized network, removing the need for centralized IT).

All the ingredients for collaboration, learning and growth

With a comprehensive and hands-on curriculum delivered in a supportive, structured environment that fostered collaboration, learning and growth, highlights of the Incubator Program included: 

  • 100+ hours of invaluable insights from industry leaders delivered in succinct 45-minute slots, with 70% of sessions delivered in-person and the rest via Zoom
  • Mentorship from a large group of experts and thought leaders 
  • Active learning through weekly practical exercises
  • Personal branding sessions to enhance professional presence
  • Regular peer networking sessions for shared learning and innovation
  • Personalized feedback to ensure continuous improvement
  • Access to a welcoming professional community of supportive individuals 

The robust curriculum was designed to provide teams with a solid foundation for shaping their business idea and building their MVPs, ensuring participants gained the necessary knowledge and met the critical milestones for developing their projects. From business model creation and market analysis to the legalities of decentralized systems, the themes of the lecture sessions, interactive discussions and workshops included: 

  • Technical Foundations of Decentralization
  • The Fundamentals of Team Dynamics in Startups
  • Design Thinking & MVPs
  • User Journey Mapping and Persona Creation
  • The Art of Pitching: Engaging the Audience
  • Hands-On Coding: Finalizing MVP for Submission


The Graduates of 2023 

As mentioned above, the 15 participating teams represented a wide variety of industries, with 12 of them completing a final set of deliverables — an impressive 80% graduation rate. The team deliverables comprised all the code and documentation for their MVPs; a prototype and UX/UI designs for their DApp or web app; a final investor pitch deck; and a functional or placeholder website, where applicable. These are just a handful of the innovative and disruptive startups that completed the Incubator Program:

  • Art Connect
    A loyalty program developed on the ICP platform that is continuously growing as a blockchain network. Art Connect tries to fix a problem in Bali, where some artists struggle to sell and maintain monthly sales. The startup connects businesses and artists to collaborate on this problem with the help of decentralized technology.
    Committed to revolutionizing the seafood industry, NEMOO connects consumers with high-quality fish and the hardworking fisherfolk who catch them. Their mission is to improve fishers’ lives while ensuring top-tier quality for consumers through an innovative traceability system that leverages cutting-edge technology to trace the journey of each fish from the moment it’s caught to the point of sale.
  • pureDAO 
    Powered by Culture OS, a platform that empowers organizations to capture information, innovate, and collaborate with unprecedented efficiency and scalability, pureDAO is a groundbreaking platform designed to reshape the landscape of organizational management and collaboration.

  • Immortal Games
    Redefining history education, Immortal Games represents a significant advancement in making history learning more accessible, engaging, and global. Leveraging blockchain technology through ICP ensures the integrity and accessibility of educational content, democratizing history education and setting a new standard for transparency and equity in learning. 

Innovation fueled by community

The Incubation Program emphasized the pivotal role of a collaborative community in driving innovation — just as we do here at Livit. By creating a supportive space for participants to exchange insights and ideas, tackle challenges, and receive constructive feedback, the initiative fostered a nurturing environment. This people-first, community-focused strategy motivated participants to support each other’s development, resulting in a shared progression of skills, knowledge, and innovative capabilities.

Are you looking for Mentors for your incubation program, or perhaps you’d like Livit to host your program from end-to-end? Get in touch with us today! Or, if you’re interested in hearing about similar events, sign up to our newsletter.

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