Business Management July 2020

Online Business Management Certification

The Remote Skills Academy is an impact-focused project organized by Livit for Indonesians who want to master the new realities of work.

2 billion people are currently buying good and services online. And every year will see another 1-200 million new users. That’s a huge market, isn’t it?
Sounds like the place to be!
If you…

  • have a business you want to take online,
  • are a Virtual Assistant and want to take a step further, in a highly paid job as an OBM,
  • want to start an online business from scratch,

we’ve got your back!

The Remote Skills Academy is now offering an Online Business Management course that will teach you all you need to know about that, for yourself or as a contractor.

Dates & Curriculum

The Online Business Management Certification is a 4-week course taking place from August 10th to September 4th 2020.

The goal of the course is to achieve familiarity and an understanding of the setup, tools and systems involved in running a business online, either for yourself or as a contractor.

The curricula includes topics such as:

  • Intro to different business models
  • Setting up your virtual office
  • Team management
  • How to package & price services
  • Building effective systems & processes
  • How to manage an online launch
  • How to create your website
  • Budgeting, invoicing & accounting
  • How to onboard clients
  • Digital Marketing
  • How to organize & plan your time as a busy entrepreneur
  • Indonesian legal & taxes

The sessions are taught live, online, and there is ample time for questions as well as consultations and mentoring.

Practical details

Indonesian citizens with an intermediate level of English, laptop/PC (or unlimited access to it), basic PC & remote work skills and high motivation to become Online Business Managers are welcome and encouraged to apply for this course.

Course format

Training sessions & workshops: Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 5 PM to 7.45 PM (Central Indonesian Time).

Group coworking & 1-on-1 consultations: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5 to 6.30 PM (Central Indonesian Time).

The sessions are taught live, online, and there is ample time for questions and exercises.

To ensure a qualitative experience, a maximum of 15 people are admitted for each course.


  • Indonesians: 1,3 million IDR (including 10% VAT)*
  • Other nationalities: 185 USD (including VAT).

*If you are Indonesian, highly motivated to participate, but unemployed or otherwise unable to cover the fee, please let us know, and you will be considered for a scholarship.

Mentors & Trainers

This course is developed by a team of experts with an extensive track record in their fields.

We believe in the power of sharing knowledge and experience generously, and our mentors and trainers will elevate your learning experience from great to amazing, pushing you to achieve excellence.


Bettina Herz

Online Business Manager, founder of Her Secret Weapon. Bettina is the go-to Online Business Manager for women in business. She has worked with six figure business owners who have been featured in Forbes, Elle Canada, Huffington Post and Business Insider. She co-founded a non-profit organization to support entrepreneurs and co-authored a guidebook for startups.
image (1)

Agnieszka Krzysztofowicz

Recruitment and B2B Sales expert with extensive experience in APAC & beyond.

Johanes Raymond

Social media and branding professional with extensive experience in creating content and managing the online presence of companies and brands.

Lavinia Iosub

Managing Partner at Livit and business executive, experienced in building high-performance, cross-cultural teams.
Ni Luh Putu Yuniari Livit

Ni Luh Putu Yuniari

Indonesian HR & legal expert, People Operations Manager at Livit, entrepreneur, university tutor, has worked with a range of international clients.

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Support a scholarship

Over the last weeks, we have received a huge number of applications from highly motivated Indonesians who unfortunately cannot cover the fee for the program. While we would love to accommodate as many full scholarships as possible, we also have to cover salaries for the amazing Indonesian team members working on the project. Supporting a scholarship would help us make that happen and up-skill someone who will benefit from new opportunities as a result of this course.

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