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Remote Skills Academy

Now, more than ever, technology is giving thousands of people the opportunity to work from home and become part of the digital market. Join the Remote Skills Academy to learn the skills and gather the tools that will empower you to start a new career as a remote worker, and to live life on your own terms!

Upcoming online courses

Remote Work 101

Achieve familiarity with the remote work setup and become a proficient user of some of the most popular tools and systems involved in working online, irrespective of the industry. Gain confidence and a network that will support you in going to the next level.

Digital Marketing – English

Content marketing and SEO
Email marketing and setting up newsletter
Social media masterclass part 1&2
The basic copywriting
WordPress basics

Career Planning & Getting a Remote Job – English

Self swot/skill and interest inventory
How to get a job: Linkedln, freelance platform and referrals
Follow up Linkedln/CV and interview process
The Art of Negotiation and Handling Difficulties
Panel discussion

No-Code Web Design Journey

An expert web designer will teach you how to become a web design freelancer without writing a single line of code. You will learn how to get clients, how to use WordPress and create from scratch a portfolio website without writing code.

Scrum Master Certification

A team of expert trainers will teach you what Agile is, how it works and help you prepare to become a Scrum Master.
From November 9th to 20th (2 weeks).

How It Works

Requirements to participate: intermediate English level, laptop/PC (or unlimited access to it), basic PC skills.

Browse through our upcoming courses and choose the ones you’re interested in.

Take note of your class schedule! Most classes take place on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons.

Go to class! Our online courses are live-streamed and always include Q&A time. To ensure a great experience, we only allow a maximum of 15 students per course.

Private consultations and group coworking are available.

* Scholarships are available to unemployed Indonesian citizens who are unable to cover fees. Get in touch and we’ll consider your application!

Meet Your Teachers


Agnieszka Krzysztofowicz

Recruitment and B2B Sales expert with extensive experience in APAC & beyond.


Chalsie Janny

Customer care specialist and project management assistant who has worked with clients and partners from a variety of countries.


Gabriel Marusca

Gabe is the founder of Digital Finest, an agency focusing on bespoke web solutions. He’s known amongst his clients for his professionalism and dedication for showcasing the absolute best in a client’s brand.


Ida Ayu Dewi Dhyana Sari

Finance & accounting specialist who has worked with a range of international clients.


Johanes Raymond

Social media and branding professional with extensive experience in creating content and managing the online presence of companies and brands.


Lavinia Iosub

Managing Partner at Livit and business executive, experienced in building high-performance, cross-cultural teams.


Ni Luh Aryanthi

Business support lead, highly experienced in managing suppliers and contractors, purchasing, tools & more.


Ni Luh Putu Yuniari

Indonesian HR & legal expert, People Operations Manager at Livit, entrepreneur, university tutor, has worked with a range of international clients.

Support a (Future) Remote Worker

We originally created the Remote Skills Academy to give back to our Indonesian and Balinese community. We receive many enquiries from highly motivated applicants who can’t cover our fees. Help us empower them to build successful careers by giving them the opportunity to learn new skills.

Support a scholarship

Ongoing and Past Courses

Online Business Management Certification

Achieve familiarity and an understanding of the setup, tools and systems involved in running a business online, either for yourself or as a contractor.

Scrum Master Certification

A team of expert trainers will teach you what Agile is, how it works and help you prepare to become a Scrum Master.

The Basics of Working Remotely Certification

Achieve familiarity and an understanding of the setup, tools and systems involved in working online, irrespective of industry.

VA (Virtual Assistance) Course

A 3-week course for those interested in developing basic skills associated with Virtual Assistance (VA) work.

Project Management & Scrum Certifications

In the Project Management & Scrum course, a team of experts and trainers will teach you how to manage a project from A to Z, as well as what Agile is and how it works.


Anna Satriana : Freelance remote worker
Anna Satriana
"I took the big step from working from a corporate job to freelancing with the help of this training. Livit not only provides the skills that I need, how to do it, but the end of the training Livit gives info and recommendation to people whenever they see a job around. I know it's gonna scared first changing life from working 9 to 5 offices to working remotely but after joining this training it's worth it. I can finally achieve this and have a work-life balance now."
Adinda Ayu Rosyadha : Social media marketing freelancer
Adinda Ayu Rosyadha
"Joining Livit course make me know the freelance platform, and after completing the course I decided to sign up. And finally, I got 5 clients in different countries both individually and cooperate. I learn tools and Livit in charge me something new which is an agile and project management course. I encourage everyone to join this training to get more knowledge, more networks, and opportunities."
Juniar Purba : Social media management & Community Development
Juniar purba
"I decided to join 3 courses provided by Livit (The basic of working remotely, Online business Management and project management) and the training it's really helpful. After I completing the courses Livit gives info about the opening job and the internships from Livit partnership. I decide to apply and I got the job. I learn a lot from the course especially about social media, marketing research, project management, and importantly that Livit teaches me about the tools and skills how I can work remotely and now I can implement in my daily work."
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