‘A life-changing miracle’: The impact of Remote Skills Academy in 2023

A life changing miracle The impact of Remote Skills Academy in 2023 1

As Lavinia mentioned recently in the Livit wrap-up of 2023 highlights, while we are proud of many of our projects and initiatives, the work the Remote Skills Academy team has done to democratize digital skills and change the lives of Indonesians has been an exceptionally consistent source of joy over the last few years.

Founded in February 2020, RSA is an impact-focused education platform that aims to empower young Indonesians and others around the world by helping them to upskill or reskill with in-demand remote work skills, such as AI, virtual assistance, digital marketing, social media management, project management and more. The ultimate goal of RSA’s programs — which have served over 8,000 students so far — is to enable them to build a successful remote career and live life on their own terms.

Here are just a handful of the numbers we achieved in 2023:

  • 17 diverse education programs, including four-week and eight-week Virtual Assistance Bootcamps; a six-week Digital Marketing Bootcamp; mini-courses on social media & content, CRM and task management software; as well as masterclasses on AI for entrepreneurs, generative AI for business advancement, and career coaching

  • 1,403 students participated in these programs, of whom 412 engaged with our live programs and 991 with our self-led recorded courses

  • 19 cities across Indonesia were represented by the students

  • 35 trainers and mentors delivered the programs, drawn from Livit’s extensive network of experts and entrepreneurs and backed by our ten years of specializing in remote work skills

  • 200+ learning hours delivered across all programs

  • 6.75 million social media impressions for our remote education content

A life changing miracle The impact of Remote Skills Academy in 2023 4

AI skills are in-demand

Microsoft recently released its annual Future of Work report, which in previous years was about working remotely but in 2023 focused on how we can shape a better future of work with AI. Among the report’s findings is that the integration of Large Language Models (LLMs) such as ChatGPT in various work sectors is enhancing productivity and creativity; new or low-skilled workers benefit the most from LLMs; and working on info-heavy jobs with AI makes your work about 37% faster. 

RSA’s core purpose is to equip our students with in-demand digital skills, and Lia, our CMO, is a maverick at quickly adopting new tools and educating others to do the same. So last year, we offered three programs focusing on AI: 

  • AI-Powered Marketing Assistant Course
    The two-week program covered topics such as Introduction to AI, Digital Marketing Fundamentals, and AI tools including ChatGPT, Jasper, Midjourney, Notion AI, Dalle, and many more.

  • AI Masterclass for Entrepreneurs
    The two-hour masterclass provided participants with a deep dive into real-life case studies and hands-on techniques for leveraging ChatGPT to enhance productivity, efficiency, and overall profitability. The entrepreneurs emerged with a newfound competitive edge, ready to apply ChatGPT strategies to succeed in their entrepreneurial ventures.

  • Midjourney Masterclass
    Midjourney is a generative AI platform for design, and the class was created to be transformative for participants eager to harness gen-AI for business advancement, by exploring diverse applications from branding and marketing to interior design.

(Here’s an excellent example of how in-demand AI skills actually are: at a time when newsroom jobs are being slashed around the world, The New York Times is currently recruiting a team to work on generative AI.)

A life changing miracle The impact of Remote Skills Academy in 2023 5

Collaborating for community impact 

Among the strengths of RSA are our close partnerships with communities striving to make a genuine difference in the lives of their members. One of these is Girls in Tech Indonesia, a community of like-minded women who support and encourage each other to excel in the male-dominated tech industry. 

Last year we partnered with Girls in Tech Indonesia and CSG, a multinational providing business support systems software and services, to run the Girls in Tech Scholarship 2023. Its goal was to provide new graduates and final-year ICT/STEM students with a scholarship to study a specialized curriculum in Full Stack Development and QA Automation, ultimately facilitating their entry into the ICT sector. Comprising a three-month online bootcamp and three-month paid internship with CSG, from the 338 women who applied for the program, 27 were selected as candidates and 12 graduated as Girls in Tech Scholarship awardees. One of the awardees, Ni Putu Mas Swandewi, described the experience as “very exciting”: 

“I feel grateful and proud. I was able to take part in the bootcamp to develop my perspective and technical skills as a Full Stack Developer, especially coding. As well as equipping us with these technical skills, Remote Skills Academy delivered sessions to help improve our soft skills, such as working in a team, leadership skills, and communication, along with many others.”

RSA’s commitment to inclusivity and empowerment is also reflected in our partnership with Single Moms Indonesia. What started out as a Facebook group in 2014 has grown into a community of over 10,000 members who receive support and training to enable them and their families to gain independence and thrive, gradually erasing societal stigma towards single-parent families. 

In 2023, RSA worked with Single Moms Indonesia to create a comprehensive four-session virtual assistant course for their community, which empowered 78 participants with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in the virtual assistant profession. An alumna of the course, Renni Widyanti, a single mother of two children, described it as a “life-changing miracle”.

“I not only gained new knowledge about the world of technology but also realized that age is not a barrier to continuous growth. This class not only enhanced my skills but also boosted my spirit and mental strength. The RSA trainers gave me the confidence that I still have the potential and opportunity to achieve my dreams. It’s not just a learning experience but also an emotional journey that makes me believe that every single mother, including myself, has the strength to achieve great things.”

A life changing miracle The impact of Remote Skills Academy in 2023 2

Remote work skills for youth in remote regions

Recognizing that young people in Indonesia’s more remote regions often face barriers to pursuing further education and upskilling, last year we launched a new Digital Marketing & Content Creation program for youth in the small city of Timika in Papua. In collaboration with PT Freeport Indonesia (PTFI), it comprised a two-day live workshop and three months of online mentoring. 

An alumna of the course, Angelita Hemar, a Content Creator from Timika, expressed her gratitude to RSA and PTFI for “creating opportunities for me to explore materials not commonly found elsewhere, such as utilizing ChatGPT for content creation, and for guiding me through this new sea with passion and newfound confidence”. The program received a rating of 9.6 out of 10 from the 20 participants and the Timika youth reported a 5x increase in content engagement compared to their pre-mentoring levels.

A life changing miracle The impact of Remote Skills Academy in 2023 3

Expansion to Hungary 

Last year we took a leap and expanded RSA to Hungary through our partnership with Bori Vigh, a Remote Work Advisor and Founder of Life ReDesign and Business Design Academy. Designed for those aiming to kickstart their careers as virtual assistants or  expand their skills in this field, the three-week blended program combined self-led recorded and live sessions via Zoom. 

Looking back on what RSA achieved in 2023, we are immensely proud of the team, of the important milestones reached, and especially of the touching individual stories of life-changing impact we’ve had in the lives of so many of our alumni. And, as always, we’re proud of our mission of equipping our students with skills that allow them to make 2 to 10 times their previous salaries while often working much fewer hours, spending more time with their families, and no longer needing to commute or relocate.

In 2024, we will reaffirm our commitment to being at the forefront of digital skills development and making a lasting impact in the lives of our students and the broader community, in order for them to be able to thrive and live life on their own terms.

Update: In March this year, Remote Skills Academy was highlighted in the first-ever Excellence Awards by leading global HR platform, Remote. RSA was one of three initiatives that were Highly Commended for the Remote for Good Award, which recognizes businesses from a variety of sectors, including not-for-profit, that are leveraging remote work and global hiring to make the world a better place, with lives saved or improved, money raised and opportunities enabled for all.

If you’d like to learn more about what we achieved last year and how you can support Remote Skills Academy, take a look at the RSA Impact Report 2023 and follow us on Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn.

Remote Skills Academy

Lavinia Iosub (Founder) & Lia Golledge (Chief Marketing Officer)
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