Landing A Dream Job: 3 Best Unobvious Ways

What are the unobvious ways of landing a dream job?

We do hear about passive talent pools and active talent pools. Over 50% of the candidates are only passively looking for jobs. Yet more than 60% of the business is not tapping into a passive talent pool.

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Similar story is with the job market. Many employers/hiring managers are not actively searching for an employee, but when the right candidate emerges the job is created and granted. The Hidden Job Market is a thing. Depending on the source/research 50-70% of job openings are never published. Why?

  • Sometimes companies are opening new markets or going through M&A and this information should not be very public yet.
  • As some jobs are extremely popular, mulling over 300 candidates is not the first choice, more effective and efficient is tapping into the network and asking for referrals.
  • Opening is strategically important, probably high salary, hence better bet is on recommended professional, as candidates are usually of a better quality.
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Jobvite’s 2020 Job Seeker Nation Survey reports that even though most applicants apply for jobs on a job board or employer career site, 42% found job postings on social media, 45% of respondents heard about jobs from friends, and 31% say they also learn about jobs from professional networks.

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As candidates from the passive talent pool prove better retention and performance, let’s use the same logic in search of landing a dream job. Here are some tactics you may have missed being busy applying via job boards.

3 unobvious ways of landing a dream job:

“Recruit your future boss.” I am offering this method to people with leadership inclinations. If you think managing projects in a certain style, leading and inspiring is something you would like to do, choose carefully your direct leader. You will become partially the person you work closely with, it is inevitable. Metaphorically speaking, you can not stand under the shower and not get wet, even if your intention is the opposite. These days many people post videos, share thoughts on Twitter, do public speaking and simply look for what will click.

Do speak to your network about your dream career – extremely suitable, when you would like to make a pivot, career change. If you’ve been working in Oil & Gas for over a decade, getting into fashion or sustainability may not be easy if you simply send someone your resume. On average recruiters spend max 6 seconds viewing the resume, and if it looks like a chapter from a different book, there is a “reject” button. But sharing your passion, telling others about your personal education in this field and your commitment to take this step may bring you a referral. When you are introduced, recommended by an insider, your CV may not be reviewed and you go directly to your desired interview.

Take a virtual sneak peek of your potential employer/place of work. If the company you would like to be a part of offers some online activities: workshops, meetups, or even better a course – do join and be an active participant. Companies make a lot of effort to create as many touchpoints with applicants as possible to get to know each other better. Participating in an open conference/webinar or course you are showing commitment, interest and you have a chance to get to know each other better.

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For landing a dream job – elevator pitch is a must. There are 2 ingredients for a good, catchy yet elegant elevator pitch:

  • Clarity on what you need. Is it industry, location, title? What is a “must-have” and what would be “nice to have”?
  • To reach fluency in your pitch, practice is a must. In order to get it right, write it down, say it out loud, practice it a few times and seek out feedback from some benevolent peers.
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Happy hunting! Be careful what you wish for, as dreams come true.

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