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3 Tips for Hiring Managers in Web3

3 Tips for Hiring Managers in Web3

What have we learned about recruiting for companies using blockchain in 2022?

We worked on more than 10 job openings on the tech and commercial side for companies using blockchain technology. While recruiting for Web3, we learned a few things that should speed up your hiring process, whether you want to hire someone or are looking to be hired.

With over 500 CVs we reviewed, all those professionals came from three types of sources. Where is the sweet spot? Pros and cons are everywhere:

The large organization is a source of competent candidates

While many people are trying to move out of banks, most blockchain use cases are still connected to financial systems and the banking industry. They do it because banks are not moving fast enough toward implementing cutting-edge technology. Many people feel stuck in corporate life and would like to try to work in a more agile environment with more decision-making power. Fair motivation. What has to be considered/taken under consideration is:

  • Remuneration (it is unrealistic to expect a salary that was provided in the multinational bank), downshifting with a clear understanding of why it is done. This is most probably a must.
  • Work culture and past, to be specific, as corporations provide various support systems like assistants, procurement, legal departments, etc., imagine running business trips and contracts without those for a start.
  • Benefits are often minimal or not there yet.

Entrepreneurs have their own business or project in the early stages, which they do not fully occupy

Here business owners and hiring managers are getting more and more comfortable, yet suspicion has its reasons. Entrepreneurs are usually the best fit for startups and scaleups; they are hustlers who can be revisited and are self-sufficient. Even if it is not cannibalizing products of the hiring company, part of the time, focus, and energy will probably still go to their own project. We do not have any hires where entrepreneurs have not forwarded their business to the managing partner or closed it, precisely for the reasons above. But the cultural fit is often there, as well as realistic financial expectations.  

Similar startup/scaleup companies from Blockchain/Web3 shelf. 

The best source, but there are not that many professionals. Especially in cases when Blockchain adoption is just getting up to its speed, Web3 is relatively new. People who have left larger financial institutions, are upskilled, and have a position in a growing custodian or fintech company are usually not ready to leave. They either have vested shares or would like to spend more time in the company and have invested a lot of energy.

Please note that probabilities are based on our experience of the last few years and will probably change during the next two years as more people reskill and upskill. 

To get the perfect candidate for Web3, we had to amend three aspects of our search requirements. 

1. How important is the knowledge of blockchain technology, use cases, Web3, DeFi, etc?

From our experience, the basics should be there, BUT professionalism is valued mainly on the broader function. The sales process can be similar to SaaS business development activities or relationship management. New employees may have such experience in other tech companies, which should suit fintech companies. 

2. What may make or break the first impression of a candidate? 

Personal usage of cryptocurrencies and using wallets are a must. A prospective employer who discovers that a candidate knows about Web3 and the current news but has never purchased a single token may be a deal breaker. I am not surprised. Imagine applying to a bank and admitting that your cash is still kept under the mattress. 

3. How is creativity viewed on the CV? 

You may get creative CVs, and I see nothing wrong with it as long as it is UI/UX friendly. If you ask me, the most creative CV is below. It shows all the data and reveals a sense of humor. As the focus of this professional is marketing, this CV is a sample of the work, and there’s no doubt about it.

xR ey sMtjaPj0E4eQ4Y5OQ0lkulVPMiSG2LIHhbXrqUlglZXmwZtGSDv9qQnUHnFRvBoDMldv3IztFeG ikN0U4Mtj RTdSe8ChE19nCh1eI1csQ zOwF4pp2AKgRQ6T3qqCq1nZUrv5UbtmMEigGQISJ4pCteyNP95Nzd2FNtmmzHI7hBc0w bhyfB

We hope this helps. If you need tech talent, which is almost impossible to find, we are open to some brain-picking, as we are here to help. 

Agnes Kay

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