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We believe that the boundaries between productivity, fun, inspiration, wellbeing and collaboration can merge throughout daily activities, and deliver more meaningful experiences.

Join us in a journey toward more profitable businesses, sustainable enterprises and happier lives.

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The Livit Approach


Grow and Expand Your Business
We provide a myriad of bespoke services to help you build sustainable businesses and high-performance remote teams, connect you to the right talent and expand your horizons.
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Immerse In Exciting Experiences and Find New Jobs

Experience the Livit vision! Join us in our paradisiac coworking hub in Bali, take your team (or yourself) on an exciting coworkation retreat or apply for dream jobs, working with us or our partners.

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Acquire Disruptive Knowledge and Skills

Online events, courses and resources to expand your views and obtain the entrepreneurial and business skills needed to thrive in the new work scene.

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Too many meetings
5 Signs You’re Having Too Many Meetings & How To Fix That

Are you having too many meetings? Do you feel like your workdays are filled with back-to-back meetings, leaving you with little time to actually get …

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Internship in Bali at Livit
Internship in Bali: Top 3 Greatest Differences between Corporate London and Coworking in Bali

Here are the top three differences I have found while beginning an internship in Bali. Bali is a hub of creative thinkers and doers. Here …

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Should you work for Startups or SMEs?  Should you work for Startups or SMEs? Three aspects of any career change.  Startup’s pros and cons SMEs pros and cons Tool for career change evaluation
Working for Startups vs. SMEs

Working for Startups vs. SMEs. Three aspects of any career change. Startup’s pros and cons. SMEs pros and cons. Tool for career change evaluation.

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