Nick Martin – Livit & LS

Slightly geeky and adventurous experimentalist with a passion for golf, beaches and Internet technologies. I have been involved in countless Internet Marketing projects since 2000 and have built up a ton of various websites over time.

I currently surround myself with other like minded entrepreneurs living and working together in a complex of villas which we call Livit Spaces. My main responsibility is to offer the Livit Spaces infrastructure to other entrepreneurs who would like to experience living in paradise with like minded people. I’m a game developer  and game lover who is involved also in the Startup Heroes project that teaches entrepreneurship and innovation to university students.

I also managed the development of which is a startup that simplifies and makes digital magazine publishing available for the masses. Magloft is a startup I’m super stoked about as it got me back in the programming game with Ruby on Rails. I also run  a danish WordPress video tutorials membership website.

I’m an avid gamer and love RPG’s, MMO’s and strategy games. I have a background in computer game design and have created a series of smaller games and lead the development of created in Unity3D.