Mikael Thorup

If I had only one word to describe myself with, it would be curious. I love meeting new people, learning new and challenging skills, go different places, and getting my own ideas challenged. I like to re-imagine how we do things, and finding better ways of doing these, ranging from personal efficiency and time-saving ideas, to increasing happiness.

My favorite things in life are to make people intrigued, curious, laugh, or rethink their current assumptions – all of which I get to do when presenting to potential Labster customers. I work with every link of the sales process, from planning to execution. Initially with a focus on the Danish University market, I am currently working in Bali where I am researching the market conditions and demand for virtual laboratories in the high-tech-loving South East Asian countries. I have an academic background in Asian business and Chinese language, so getting to work here in Bali is amazing!