Leonardo Santoso

I got my name from the famous artist and inventor Leonardo Da Vinci, and although I’m not nearly as genius as him, I do take proud in my name. I was always kind of a rebel growing up, I even didn’t finish my education at Ubaya University. My reasoning was because I was already swamped with work at that time, but the truth is, I just wasn’t passionate about it.
Today my biggest passion is games, I love everything about it. And I do love challenges, so the harder a game is, the more eager I will be to conquer it. I guess the same goes for job, I need challenges in my job, or I will get bored. Other then games, I’m also a foodie, I love to eat all kinds of food, love to cook, and I also love watching television shows about food.

There is one thing interesting about how I join Livit that I’d like to share. It was one of the fastest job offers I ever gotten. I was hoping for a 1-2 week waiting time, but I got the offer the same day I submit my test results (yes there was a test), more amusing is how I was already on the team by the end of that day, not that I’m complaining of course ^_^.
As a QA, my job here is to make sure the clients get a bug free product, and also help troubleshoot and support if the clients needs any help. So if you do find any bug or want to give a suggestion, feel free to contact me.
Ok I thing that’s it from me, I can rant all day if I wanted too, but I’m sure anyone reading it will get bored ^_^.