Carolina Mera – Livit

Carolina is an “always smiling” Colombian entrepreneur who loves to organize, structure and solve issues in the startup world.  With a background in software development and Industrial engineering, she has a great talent within management and well as technical knowledge.

Carolina loves to improve, evaluate, and optimize processes in different startups to help teams execute things faster and more organized. When tasks are organized correctly, people can focus on what’s important and spend less time on irrelevant to-dos. This means more productivity, equals more time to have fun!

She’s a hunter of great talented and proactive people. I like to find better ways of doing things and as an open minded and patient person this helps her push a team to try new options.

As a .NET developer she loves to work with front-end related tasks with WPF and Silverlight. And on top of that she has many years of experience in C#.