Andrea Loubier

I am half American and half Filipino (or half bull and half Pinoy- haha!) and born in Toulouse, France. I have visited 11 different countries, and lived in 4 countries, covering 5 continents. I love art, music, and film, and the exploration of these things brings me a lot of inspiration. My two major weaknesses are food and wine. I am passionate about life, meeting new people and learning from them. Motivation is easy when it comes to getting things done and setting goals to achieve what I want. I believe diversity is the spice of life, and working in multi-cultural teams is mega significant to value-creating brands/products/tools.

It all began with my first job bagging groceries as a teen (like Snoop Dog!), to working for an architectural engineering firm, even working with a local, specialty chili restaurant. Eventually my path lead to better understanding consumers, landing me a spot as a project director for a market research firm. Here, I was given the opportunity to collaborate with the ranks of companies like P&G, KAO Brands, Ubisoft, Kellogs, IPSOS Understanding Unlimited, Johnson & Johnson, and the list goes on. Then it was on to content building with a software company, continuing to utilize my charm in creating lasting client relationships, including building conceptual selling skills. Finally, I found something to really get excited about! I found my place in marketing and communications in the software biz, connecting with people, the freedom to go places and discover new territory. All of this, while generating buzz and sharing great ideas and tools with the world!