Abraham R. Sumarsono

I was born in France, but grew up in Indonesia. I joined an accelerated class when attending SMA Negeri 8 Jakarta. After graduating from high school, I went to the Bandung Institute of Technology, studying Informatics Engineering. Here, I developed stronger software building capabilities, and took on more freelance projects. I also have experience in web and interactive applications. Design is another love of mine, and I am continuously learning and developing in this field. Currently, I’m improving my skill in design by assisting a colleague of mine on a brand new startup. I strive to always learn new things, while building great relationships along the way.

At Livit, I work on projects as a WPF Developer. I was tracked down by Livit, who recognized my talents. After hearing more about this awesome organization and meeting with Michael, I am extremely excited to be part of the team. Livit offers a great environment and amazing opportunities to develop my skills. I am proud to be a Rockstar Developer! 😉